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Autumn Breeze

Today is the end of 2004 August.
Already autumn has come near me. Not humid but fresh breeze makes me refresh.
If you have plan to visit Korea, I recomment it's the time to visit Korea now.

Sky looks higher than ever and the color is deep blue as well as clear.
There is nothing special around me, but I flutter with new season.
So called, fall is the season of loneliness, but I don't feel any loneliness yet.


Watching a Wedding Ceremony

I went to my co-worker's wedding today. He is 26 years old and his wife is 25 years old. (In Korean age, he might be 28 years old.) Anyway! In a wedding ceremony in Korea, it is not odd for a bride to cry during a wedding. Today bridegroom cried when he greeted his mother during the wedding. Many people chuckled to see that the grown up cried in front of his mom. (Especially Korea men feel ashamed when they show their tears to others.) However, when I saw the scence, I have could cry as him.

I don't want to marry now cuz I don't have a spouse who is good enough to me and I know it is hard to adjust myself to the married life. Ahhhhhhh.......thesedays I thought of the choice whether I will not marry or not. It can be stupid to agony about marrying without a specific partner. HAHA ^^;; Whatever.....I don't know.

Love Metaphor: Candle

I went a bar and drak a cocktail, Cassis Frappe with my friends.
The bar was dark and there was a candle on the table, which made the soft mood.
Candle is hot! Cadle has its own scent.

Candle makes light by burnung itself.

Some time or other, the frame will become to be put out.

When looking at the candle, I felt the candle attract me.
I wanted to touch the flame but I couldn't cuz I don't want be hurt.
So... I just stared at the candle.

p. s. I like to number some ideas so much.
It's good own my way to scribble.

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What kind of mask are you wearing?

What mask are you wearing? - Incoherent thought about masks

1. Hiding selves
Everybody has his/her own mask. So do I.
Especially when I get angry or I meet a strager, my mask get thicker.
In Phantom of Opera, the mask man, Phatom(I can't remember his name.), hides his mental and physical ugliness with his mask.

2. Ugly selves
Mask seem to have a meaning, such as subconscious or id.
The masks in the movie Peter Shaffer's Amadeus(1984) are very impressive at the masquerade scene. Greediness and jealousy are represented by the masks. That might be a symbol of the characters' personalty and mental state.
3. The beauty of satire
In traditional Korean mask performances, high class characters wear very ugly masks. Some masks have one nostril or a hare-lip. During the hierarchical society in the past, humble classes enjoyed satiring high classes wearing the ugly masks. In the west, heros like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Zorro, and the mask man in 'Iron Mask' wear all their masks and fight against the rich and greedy classes. That's interesting.
4. But...Looking sad
Venetian Carnival Masks look funny and fancy. However when it comes to be watched thoroghly, their smiles don't look so funny and cheerful. They looked that have someting lost.

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In the forest of Seoul Land
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Puppy Love

Have you ever experienced puppy love? Yes, I have.
When I was younger and younger, I liked a boy.
He was very special to me. (only to me)
I wrote him tons of letters and called a lot.
On Valetine Days, I used to give him a cute box of chocolate.
If someone asked why I loved him, I have nothing to answer. There was no reason.
It was just blind love. There was not any calculating as well.
By the time he hurted me, I had enjoyed loving him and there was no grief and sorrow.

I heard many people call this kind of love as 'puppy love'. When I got go know the love I had had a passion was 'puppy love', I already forgot how to puppy love.

Now I forgot how to fall in love somebody.

Korean Films

What movies did I watch? I though about that...
Recently the movies I have watched are almost Korean movies.

Why did I choose Korean move?
First, Korean movies are less violent than Hollywood movies.
Second, Korean movies arouse my sympathy culturally.

Yea...Actually I don't know well the reason why I watched Korean films a lot. It might due to my unconsciousness though there are many problems in Korean movies as much as Hollywood movies has.


A Week

A week remains before the new semester starts.
I will be on the third semester in the graduation school. (During semesters I work in daytime and attend graduate courses at night. )
It is not easy carry out two things at the same time both physically and mentally. The papers and thick textbooks will rush to me, so they might kill me. However I like to learn. Frankly I am not such a full-blooded student who love only studying. Learning is a sort of comfort to me, so I still enjoy learning. Nevertheless I am afraid how hard the study of next semester will be. The expected daily schedule from September to December might be like below.

6:00 a.m. Wake up
9:00 a.m. Arrive to work
7:00 p.m. Finishing working
8:00 p.m. School(2 hour-class)
11:30 p.m Arrive home
2:00 a.m. Do some assignments and others, and then sleep.

6:00 a.m. Wake up
9:00 a.m. Arrive to work
5:20 p.m. Finishing working
8:00 p.m. School(2 hour-class)
10:00 p.m. School(2 hour-class)
11:30 p.m Arrive home
2:00 a.m. Do some assignments and others, and then sleep.

6:00 a.m. Wake up
9:00 a.m. Arrive to work
6:00 p.m. Finishing working
7:00 p.m Work out(I registered a sal-sa dance class)
10:00 p.m Arrive home
12:00 a.m. Sleep.

6:00 a.m. Wake up
9:00 a.m. Arrive to work
5:20 p.m. Finishing working
6:00 p.m. School(2 hour-class)
10:00 p.m Arrive home
12:00 sleep.

6:00 a.m. Wake up
9:00 a.m. Arrive to work
6:00 p.m. Finishing working
Free Time...................

Saturday and Sunday will vary a lot.


Interesting? I have hardly break during week days. Perhaps I will have to meet my friends on Friday nights and I expect there's no free time on Sunday because of my tutoring and church stuff.
Hard work makes me more precious, I believe.


When I made this blog, at first, nobody know the existence of this except myself.
Soon I came to know LemonCloud and we became friends.
As I know, the people who visit this site are two of us, but the counter indicates that the visitors might be more than two. I am curious to know who come here. I want to talk and share with something.
When I am boring, I surf other blogs thru the 'interest' link. It's good opportunity to make good friends who have the same interests as mine.
In conclusion, don't peep only, but leave your trace. I wanna know who you are.


When I am boring
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Before I fall asleep (Usually I wear glasses at home)
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Gold medalist

Korea got a gold medal at judo game in Greece. The gold medalist's name is the same as mine.
His name is Lee Won Hee. My name is Park Won Hee. (We place the family name before personal name.)
Now my father and brother are watching Olympic archery game. They are excited as the Korea is a superpower of archery. Most koreans love sports, so they are easily involved in watching sports games. Korean soccer is under easy sail now. Koreans are expecting that the team will get a good result as they did during 2002 Korea Japan Worldcup.

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

I read many children's books. One of the book's titles is Rain, Rain, Go Away.
Since the last Saturday, it have rained alot here. Everywhere is wet.
I do like to watch raining scene. However I hate to get on buses on rainy days, expecially on Mondays. Traffic in Korea is so terrible(plus I have to commute for a long time, about 1.5 hours. It's really far far away.) that on rainy days the streets get full of cars. I become trapped in a traffic. Moreover in the morning, the bus is too crowded for me to sit, so I usually stand in the bus all the way.
Naturally, we have much much rain in summer in Korea under the influence of typhoons and clashes of ais masses. Whenever typhoon comes here, many crops are demaged. Poor farmers! Korea has four distinctly four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter, so farmers have only two seasons to plant their crops. However if too much rain falls in summer, their strrugle would be gone, boom! They could not ripe the farm products as they planted in spring.
For my personal convinence and farmers effort, I want the rain to go away soon. It's my spell - Rain, rain, go away.


Funny site

Find the actor or actress who you look like.

My result is this. hehe

Shocking my weight

Our company will present new products to majoy buyers tommorow. Thereforee tommorow is an important day, so I decided to wear more formal dress than usual ones. I tried on my dresses kept in my closet for a while. (Our company has no dress code, so I usually wear jeans. ) ALAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt something weird. OH MY GOD!! The zipper did not work well and the dress seemed to have got smaller. Oh yea....that's it... I definetly gained some (or much) weight. It's terrible. What shall I do to lose the unimportant part of my body? What is the key, working out or eating less? This subtle change of my body convince me to be on a diet. I was so genorous to my weight that I have ignored my health and appearance. I am totally despressed.


My color test result

LemonCloud introduced me this website

Your Existing Situation:Works well in cooperation with others. Needs a personal life of mutual understanding and freedom from discord.

Your Stress Sources: The tenacity and strength of will necessary to contend with existing difficulties has become weakened. Feels overtaxed, worn out, and getting nowhere, but continues to stand her ground. She feels this adverse situation as an actual tangible pressure which is intolerable to her and from which she wants to escape, but she feels unable to make the necessary decision.

Your Restrained Characteristics: Circumstances are such that she feels forced to compromise for the time being if she is to avoid being cut off from affection or from full participation.Clings to her belief that her hopes and ideas are realistic, but needs encouragement and reassurance. Applies very exacting standards to her choice of a partner and wants guarantees against loss or disappointment. Able to achieve satisfaction through sexual activity

Your Desired Objective: Needs to feel identified with someone or something and wishes to win support by her charm and amiability. Sentimental and yearns for a romantic tenderness.

Your Actual Problem : The tensions induced by trying to cope with conditions which are really beyond her capabilities, or reserves of strength, have led to considerable anxiety and a sense of personal (but unadmitted) inadequacy. She attempts to escape into a substitute world in which things are more nearly as she desires them to be.
I make what describes me bold. Is it me?

I came back + a good news

I couldn't come my blog because I was far from my home and office.
It was great trip and I had fun much!
I will post some intersting pictures as soon as I get the files from my friend.
Actually we don't like taking figure pictures, so we took picture of what we ate a lot cuz we ate many kinds of food. :) Maybe I got a few pounds.

As it was rainy, we did not go mountain, which was tantalizing. Though it rained, the open air spa was good.

Plus, a good new!
One of my friend, who works for Arab Emirate Airline as a flight attendant, is home on leave. (We were at universiry together. She is beatiful and charming. I am proudd of her.) Tomorrow we are supposed to meet. I am excited cuz I have not seen her for 6 months. I missed her a lot.

Thanks to my good fellows, nowadays I am almost always happy.


Trip to Seolak Mt.

I will go on a trip to Mt. Seolak from tommorow to Sunday of this week.
I will stay in Seolak Hanwha Condominium with my three friends.
We planned to have fun doing various activities.

Our schedule

On the First Day
8:30 a.m. Departure to Seolak
12:00 Arrival to place where we will stay
1:00 p.m. Lunch (Ramen, a kind of noodle)
3:00 a.m. Climbing a mountain
7:00 a.m Dinner (Hot chilli pasta and nachoes)
9:00 a.m Wathing Movie with beer
midnight and over Chatting, playing board games, and drinking! Then sound sleep~Zzz.....

On the Second Day
9:00 a.m. Getting up and breakfast(bread and milk)
10:00 a.m. Going swimming to Seolak Waterpia, which is the theme waterpark(swimming pool and hot bath resort) that has various kind of pools and spa places.
2:00 p.m Lunch(We did not decide what will eat.)
3:00 p.m Taking a nap
6:00 p.m. Going to seaside
7:00 p.m. Dinner(sasimi, raw fish)
10:00 p.m. Going back to lodging and drinking wine with cheese(We love wine and cheese!)

On the Third Day
9:00 a.m. Getting up and breakfast(rice balls)
10:00 a.m. Getting ready to leave
11:00 a.m. Check out
12:00 Visiting another attraction near lodging
2:00 p.m Departure to home

I bet it will be a cool trip!!!!!!!!!!
Do you wanna join us? :)


Caller or receiver ?

I like to devide peolple into two categories. ( Don't call my behavior "the term of black and white ". It is just my play. )
There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who call others first and those who receive other's call. One of my friend belong to the latter type. She is sweet and kind but she never calls others first. Whenever I call her, she would say "Why didn't you call me? I missed you so much that I was about to call you. " I know there are ill bad intension for her not to call first. It is just a habit. It might be the matter of one's personality about how he or she is active or passive.
As my acquaintances are busier and busier, it also became harder to call them and to make a sudden appointment with them. Nevertheless I would rather be a caller than a receiver cuz I am not good at waiting.


What I ate today

In the morning
breafast at home: small rice balls.
a cup of cold green tea
a pack of orange juice(its amount might be similar a cup's capacity. )
a pill of mutivitamin and water

In the afternoon
lunch: meat soup(It is called Kalbitang, which is made of cow's rib, and rice.)
a chocolate flavored popsicle (It tasted like a haagendazs' one.)
a glass of iced coffee
a glass of water
two bites of craker

In the evening
dinner: 2 pieces of seasoned fried chicken. (It is Korean styled spicy seasoning. Actually today was Bok-nal, when Koreans eat Ginseng Chicken Soup (or dogs soup) and watermelons to struggle against the hot weather. Therefore Bok-nal is called the dog day. (However very very a little Koreans enjoy eating dogs. )

: I had too much drinks. I have to reduce the frequency of drinking, but I want to drink cold beer now...... at hot summer night.

A Cold in Summer

There is an Korean proverb: Even a dog does not catch a cold in June and July, that is it is hard to catch a cold in summer. However alas! I caught a cold. I have ringing ear and a sore throat. = _ = I wanna get well soon! I hate to be dull.



I met my friend today. We talked much drinking beer. (We all like to drink. I love drinking.) They were my highschool classmates. Though we are all unique, we know each other much so we are comfortable to talk about anything. Today's main topic was 'a man during travel'. One of them traveled Newzealand alone. She met a great guy there. He was a typical English man who is famous for kinderness and generous. (Actually it might be a streotype.) As she told me, he was so hot and coooool~ I wanna to meet such a guy ever.
Anyway the friends I saw today are really fun. They are simillar to the characters in 'Sex and the City'. I consider the sistherhood we share is very very valuble. Like the friends of Sex and the City, I think we will meet often however busy we will be.


My Work

Today is Saturday! Yeah!!!!!!!! Actually today is off but I came to work. On my desk, the pile of manuscript to revise. Let me talk about my work.
At first, when I was a really really freshman (In fact, I am rather new to company. I have worked for this company since the beginning of 2004.), all about the publishing and making books are so new to me that I was very very excited! About one month ago, when the my first book came out, my heart beat hard. We planned the EFL program that consis of 23 books and work books, 46 audio tapes, and 23 teacher's guide books. It is so huge that we could not finish this project at a time. Now we brought out one third of them. We have a long way to go.

Between Unique and Flexible

As I consider, an attractive person should have his or her own taste, which means 'inclination'. Those who don't have any characteristics are boring. When I meet boring people, there is nothing to share because it is too hard to bring up a topic to talk about. It's a torture!
However those who have too strong taste is difficult to get along with as well. The kinds of people are likely to be sttuborn. They need the more flexible attitude. On the contium between two ends, it is tricky to find a moderate point to settle myself. Where am I?


This is my desktop's background image. I love this painting. First I like the atmosphere of the forest. It is not too light as well as not too dark. It's beautifully dim lit. Second, look at the naked girl. Among the men wearing formal suites, the lady enjoys liberty 100%!
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Just Browsing and Chilling

Oh...I am addicted to blogging.
Actually I have had my own other blog for about 2 years. It is a blog for both me and my close Korean friends. There are about 500 pics and posts. I love it. However I can not talk as freely as I want because there are too many eyes to watch me.
I have not let the others know this blog yet. Any of my friends don't know about this blog. It's my secret place where I can make new friends. It would be a good chance to me, I think. Therefore I went surfing others' blogs. There were tons of blogs that can be connected to mine. However it was not easy to leave my comment to whom I totally don't know. (Am I too timid, huh?) Anyway... I spent about 2 hours just browsing here and there. I found that not many Koreans use this service and many kinds of peolple who have different interests and background are connected to this blogging service. Whatever, it was fun!
I should live more meaningfully so as to post more meaningful stuffs on this blog. too serious to talk in this way? If you do, maybe... it is due to my silly Enlgish skill...^_~

West Sea

I took a one day holiday and went West Sea with my family.
West Sea has large muddy fields where my kinds of sea creatures live.
There are little water, when we go there at low tide, so we can't go into the water. Instead swimming, we just walked along the sea shore and ate grilled clam.
We had fun together.
Since the beginning of 2004, I had been too busy to be together with my family. Meanwhile I neglected my family a little because of job and school stuffs, so I am content with today's short trip.


What drives me crazy

1. ignorace
2. laziness
3. teasing
4. impatience
5. selfishness

...... and so on

Think of what I did today.
Do I happen to do these terrible things?

I love winter. I hope this winter will come soon so that I wear the soft scarf.
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At the party. I love JackDaniel~!
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New Books

Oh, my godness!
Our company's new books came out. They are really hot!!!
I hope they will be the best sellers all over the country.


Can you find me?

rafting in Kangwondo


The End of this Weekend

This weekend is almost gone.
Tomorrow my new weekday will start.

I want to work harder and to spend more valuble weekdays.

I went rafting two days ago with my co-workers.
We had great time. I was happy to hang out and work with them.

Today I went to my grandma's house and had lunch with her. She is so old that she is wierder than before, but I always try to understand her though it is not easy to do so.
Getting old is scary. I want not to be older. (Am I a Perterpan? -_- Rather than Peterpan I wanna be a Tinkerbell because she is pretty and hot. haha)

While I talked with my co-workers in Kanwondo, I asked my self how much I knew about love. Well... actually I don't know well. I suspend whether the love I did before was true or not. Was it merely a play with hearts? I don't know...
So many things I don't know about me!