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Where am I Heading?

The first unit I am tecahing to my students is "Laws of Life."
This unit contains 4 different stories each of which has a lesson for your life.
This is just a few lines in a textbook but I was impressed. (I am so geek to be impressed by a textbook.)

"Am I fitter, healthier, happier, and better than I was last year?"
"Where am I heading?"
"Do you have a target to strive for?"
"You can start on ANY positive path such as a goal list or a fitness program."

I have been working out since the beginning of this year.
I was a little lazy in Feburary but I started to burn my fat eagerly again in March.
Though my life was devastated in January and Feburary for some reasons: failing an exam, and breaking up with ex-boyfriend, I feel refreshed now because I am working out very hard!!! HaHaHa