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Frankfurt Book Fair

I am attending the Frankfurt Book Fair next month.
I am in charge of international copyright and importing goods from overseas while I am developing a reading program.
So...I am going to stay in some cities: Frankfurt, Paris, and London.

As I am doing some kinds of works. Each of them needs a differnt thinking mode, which makes me tired. I am stuck in piles of works and projects that is hard to organize at the same time.
My creativity runs out and I am feeling some shortage of animation at work.

It must be a tight business trip, I guess but I am longing that November 4th to come fast.
It's my slump season these days. I want to view things in a different way by stepping far way from my desk in the office.

Wedding, wedding

This fall is full of weddings.
My weekends are occupied with the weddings.

Money runs out of my pocket.
though I don't know who will get a bouget.

Lovely weather, today
I got up from chatting noise from the livingroom on Saturday.


DMB Phone

I got an mail as follows.

Dear Flowerful,

I read your blog and I have a (maybe) strange question: I work for a newspaper in The Netherlands
and I'm writing an article on DMB. For this paper, I'd like to interview a Korean guy or girl who has a DMB-receiver or a mobile phone that can receive DMB. I have questions like: why did you buy one? When do you watch television on your mobile phone or DMB receiver? And what do you watch?


My deadline is tomorrow, so I hope you can mail me back as soon as possible. Then I can call you (or your friend) for the interview. It will take maybe ten minutes. I'll include some information on my newspaper at the end of this mail, so that you can see for what kind of newspaper it is. And if you have more questions, please let me know!


I sent a reply as I saw the message. "I am very glad to be offered an interesting chance but I am sorry that I have no DMB phone and my friend don't enjoy using it though they have DMB phones." I was really sorry that I could not help him because it is an interest topic.

I know many Korean young people enjoy wireless internet, watching programs on the bus, and sending image based message with cell phones. Many manufacturers allot thier budget to advertise their products or services such as DMB phones, wireless internet service, PDAs and they are acturally popular in Korea.

I am enjoying web browsing and online communication but I don't feel like reading or watching something through a small screen like a computer monitor and a cell phone screen. I even hate listening to music with a MP3 player when I am moving. Many people are ignorant with licking sound through their ear phones. I cannot stand the sound.

And I spend many hours in front of computers. I want to rest my eyes when I am moving by just enjoying walking or looking around. I don't want to make my eyes overworking. So I rather decide to take a nap or just think about lousy things when I am on the bus or subway.

It is the time for Ubiquitous? Not for me. So far, I prefer paper books, watching TV in the livingroom with my family, and surfing the net in my cozy room.


Reality Show

I have mentioned about a reality show called The Biggest Loser.
I've watched many kinds or reality show that made in the U.S.A or the U.K.

The Survivor
Project Runway
The Biggest Loser
Two tickets to Paradise (I cannot remember the title exactly.)
The beauty and Geek
The Simple Life
America's Next Top Model
Ambush Makeover
Queer Eyes
Extreme Makeover
The Swan Project (I also cannot remember the title. Each season of this show ends with a pageant show. )

WOW! Those are too many. I did not count the number of the shows but the numbers strike! I did not realize how many.

I really enjoyed some shows but other shows were bad.
But I think today that the most interesting reality show is my life. It is still full of challenges and uncertainty, isn’t it?


Lovely Day

Today's weather is amazing. Neither cold nor hot. It is just cool and shiny.
I want to get out of the office and go on a picnic or take a sun bath.

If this weather continues, I might lie that I have a broken leg and ask for a short vacation.


The Biggest Loser

Have you seen a reality show called The Biggest Loser?
Yes, I have. I saw it several times. Whenever I saw it, I was surprised to see the difference between the apreances before and after they worked out.

Even I was curious about top survivors out of the show and I checked the NBC homepage to see the winners who have changed a lot. That was not merely done to entertain my curiosuty but it was good to see the healthy people who changed themselves with passion. The show inspired me to think, 'Oh, I have to work out too!'

Two days ago, I met a busimess acquaintance. (I assume that he is about 40 years old.) When he bumped into me in front of the door of the office, he said to me, "You seem that you gained some weight, don't you?" I was frightened to hear that and I could not make a straight face. Then he added, "So...you look great today!" I said, "You are a liar!"

I like him very much as a business acquaintance. He is much older than I am but he was always sweet and kind to me, treating me with respect. It is not easy for an older man to be kind to younger women with respect and intimacy in Korean culture.

But this time it was too much. It is not about a kindess or intimacy. (But I still like him. Am I crazy?)

Anway...I was shocked but I decided to think that it would a good chance to be a biggest loser. I am choosing which exercise will do for me. Okay start working out!!!!