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I decide to marry someday.
*SOMEDAY*, not now.

I was not motivated to marry.
Now I can understand most people get married.


Cope with criticism

Before new books come out, I try to meet target readers/customers as many as I can.
It is exciting to show the new titles made by me to others. However at the same time, it is harsh to take criticism from them. Of course, many of them are satisfied with the titles. Aside by the commendation, a few criticisms bother me very much.
Someone says, "Wow, it is very good. You, publisher could be a millionaire."
But another says, "I can point out some problems even if I glance it for a minute."
I smile and say, "Thank you very much for giving us precious advice."

I can understand how an unknown artist might feel when he meet a big dealer. Even though he tries his best, the dealer can judge not knowing the artist's intention.

The reason I review the new books before releasing them is to accept the criticism and to make better books. At the free market, it is most important to meet customers' needs. I know it is MARKETING!

As time goes by, I am learning how to cope with the criticism. Sometimes it remains a scar inside me though.



I am addicted to wine.
The heavier, the better!


Meeting PD. Han

If you are a Korean, you probably know Mr. Han, Hak-soo(한학수).
He is a PD who work for MBC(문화방송). He gave a big shock about the secrets of Dr. Hawng's research on embryonic stem cell.
As a PD, he tried to seek for the truth beneath, the truth veiled tells many facts. The distorted patriotism blames him and his program, PD Note(PD 수첩). However I think he is the real professional.

He was writing a book about Dr. Hwnag's plot and his career. My company is going to publish his writing. Though I am not an editor in charge, I happen to meet him and drink beer with other colleagues.

He was a normal person, not a hero who just to try his best on his work. I learn his professionalism.

Too cruel

I saw a movie, "The Cruel Street" (비정한 거리 in Korean).
As one of my friends works for a film company, sometimes I see movie for free! This time was the case.
Now Korea crowd is crazy about WORLD CUP. Korean movie professionals are very negative to release thier new ones in June.
In general, about 20 movies come out in a month, but in this June only 6 moives are going to meet thier viewers, which makes people have less choices to good movies. I don't like that. (Because I am not that into WORLD CUP. Korea press and commercials are too much about WORLD CUP. They make people dumb. Everybody should watch the games and the red waves though they don't want to.)

Anyway...I saw "The Cruel Street" that was a sort of ganster movies. Jo, In-sung was starred in it. He was too sweet and handsome to be a ganster. I liked the casting that break the streotype of Korean gangs.
As the title of the movie, some scenes were too cruel that I could not peek out the screen. I don't know why the movies were made so cruel though there is no art of the cruelty because it is too much!


Audible Frequency

People can hear between an audible frequency. So do I. But I think I have narrow frequency band.

I cannot stand noise of girl's high frequncy chatting;
moaning sound;
abstract explanations; and
a sentence without subject.

I want to be a good listner. It's hard to stand the sound out of my audible frequency band.