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Wow..... only a month is left in 2005.
Time passes so fast I cannot catch up with it.
I will have a last class in my graduate school next week and I will submit the last draft of my thesis by next monday. (my thesis was accepted! therefore I can graduate without fail!)

I want to enjoy the winter, which is my favorite season. I am not sure whether I can or not.

I went bowling today and I had fun with my co-workers. They are my good friends. I am happy to have such good co-workers.



I have a friend. She and I are so close that I can read what she is thinking and how she is going to react only if I glance at her face. I would say, "If you have a boy friend, I make a manual about you and hand it to him so that he can understand you more."

Everybody is different. Each unique indivual has typical factors in his or herself. So do I. It would be interesting for someone to make a manual about me such as when Wonhee says, "I like both chicken and pork. You choose either of them," than please say, "I prefer chicken than pork."
And another example is when you buy a gift for Wonhee, be sure to buy something practical. She doesn't like flowers or stuffed animals. Especially she hate dolls that make much dirt. She is allergic to dirt.


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hungry and headache
lonley and backache
in the library

I am on vacation. YEAH!!!!!
Howevery I am in library working on my thesis, which is killing me.
I am sad to waste my valuble vacation to do this.