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8 years!

I have forgotten about this blog for 8 years.
I came across my old google mail account and there I found someone left a comment on this blog by chance so I revisited here my Far Far Away blog.
I read some entries that were written more than 10 years ago. I was in late 20s heading to 30s. And now, I am in late 30s.

A lof of changes happened to me. The biggest ones are I got married and I became a mother of two children. And now I am living in India, not in Korea.

The kiddos are 4 and 2 years old respectively and I have been living in Gurgaon, India for 3 months. My husband was replaced to be a manager of the office for his company here in India, so I decided to leave from my teaching career for a while and my family moved to here to be together.

I am living totally different life from what I were 8 years ago. Back then, I had different agonies and concerns that were mostly just about me, myself! Here, I am a wife and a mom. However, sometimes I need to talk about me. Moreover, here, the community consisting of Koreans living in Gurgaon is really small and I need more people to share my feelings and thoughts, though I have a few good friends here.

Anyway, I am happy to rediscover my secret place that is ironically open to anyone in the world. I am going to drop a line or lines when my kids go to bed early and I have nothing to do.



i am alive

Just to tell my random visitors that i am alive.

Not so good, not so bad.

Normal days...

Nothing special, nothing dramatic

Nothing miserable, nothing terrible

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New seat, new work, new students

From this March, the new school year begins. I am going to be a ninth graders' homeroom teacher. The half of them are my old homeroom students but they are growing so fast that they will be a lot different from what they were last year. My seat in the faculty office changes. I will be next to the head teacher. And my seat is open to the vice principal. That is not good.
Anyway... a new beginning is something. I am looking forward to energy and hope as well as dramas and hectic days.


Asian New Year

Tomorrow is Asian New Year's Day. Happy New Year!
And I can't believe January has gone alreay.


No need to go out? Need to go out!

As communication and information technologies improve, many people have more than one technology to communicate with others. There are five in my family. Each has a pc or laptop computer and their own cell phone. This is not just about my family. Almost all my friends have cell phones that make internet available anywhere and anytime. We are always online on twitter or instant message services, so whenever I want and they are awake at least, I can talk to them.

But ironically I feel after I purchased the new cell phone, I can feel I am losing real human contact. Well... as a matter of fact, I go out less than before. I don't know exactly why but I am definately less active. I can list some probable reasons:
1) It is too cold in this winter. Actually it is the coldest winter I've ever had.
2) I am getting older than I was younger. (This sentence does not grammtically make sense but I bet you should know what I mean that I am still young but I am not too young likee early 20s.)
3) I don't need to go out to communicate with others.

The first two reasons seem reasonable but when it comes to considering the point when I started to turn less active, I can weigh more on the third reason: I don't need to go out to communicate with others.

Anyway... the reason why I am writing this is to make myself more motivated to go out!


the sunset of 2010

@Busan, Korea
I have less than 2o days in 2010. I can't believe that. This year was special to me. I could start a new begining of my career and my sister got married. In addition, I am turning to 30s in two weeks. I am happy to go into 3os. My 20s was hard and I was too immature.
Well, I can feel I grew metally bigger this year.



I am testing for posting using phone.
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