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Hit by a strange guy

It happaned yesterday.
On my way home, I got off from a subway. The station was located in the very central of Seoul, City Hall. Talking with my colleague, I headed to a way out.

Suddeny, I could not help screaming, "ACK~~~~~~~~~~~~!"(I think 'Oh!' is a correct English expressions but I want to describe my scremaing vividly)
I was hit on my head by something thick.
And I found a guy running toward a way out, when I was awake from odds.
He looked young and normal. I have not seen such a man.
He peeked hind while running away. I even remember his face and look. What a PSYCHO!

Furiously I started to chase him but he sneaked out. I missed him. Nobody helped me. That was too much.

With a pounding heart, I dialed '112', a Korean police station. Police came in 10 minutes. I explalined the happening and his look. The policemen looked puzzled too.

I realized how many insane people in Seoul and the World.

Be alert to psychos!


What do you do when you're sleepy?

What do you do when you're sleep?I know when I need some sleep, it is the best way to get some sleep. However I am at work and I can't sleep on keyboard.
I have coffee twice or three times a day. Sometimes I drink it because I want to but otherwise I need it to be clear out of sleep.
Drinking too much coffee is not good for my health, I think. How can I go over it??


Lack of concentration



In a blue gown. School color is blue. The symbol of school is a snowflake. The hat shapes like a snowflake. It's a hexagon.
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Nobody did this. We did!
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