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Time Flies

Time flies. It's already the mid of May. It's getting hot and humid in Korea. It's nearly summer here.
I almost abandoned this blog and all that I do with this is just checking about four times a year. But I am not planning to close this blog because it contains my stories that have been written for about 6 years. 6 YEARS! I can't believe time flies so fast.
This year is my last year of 20s. But I think I am a child. Is this called Peterpan symdrome? When I dated with guys who feel like children, I found them unattractive. For now I am really worried that I might be not attracive as they did.
Anyway, though six years have gone and I went through some major changes of life, I feel the same, still unstable, wondering and wandering.


Blogger HennyPenny said...

I think it must be hard to turn 30.. I turn 30 in a few years so I'm not sure yet. I think I'll be a little sad, though

6:15 a.m.  
Blogger flowerful said...

Hi. Thank you for leaving a comment. You're right. Feeling empty is a part of turning 30s. But I am afraid if this feeling would last longer than I am expecting.

12:38 a.m.  
Blogger Professor Batty said...

Please don't abandon your blog! I check in every couple of weeks, I am interested in what people all around the world think and you have written several posts that have given me a greater insight into what someone from your background is like.

10:37 a.m.  

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