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Bad Guy Fever

Whenever I watch a movie where a girl is into a bad guy, I would say, "She is crazy. She does not know how to respect herself!"

Poor girls, I am sorry that I have a bad guy fever too. I cannot help it.

I have a guy. I have known him for seven years. SEVEN YEARS!!!!!!
We had dates six years ago. Now we just talk on messenger or send text messages to each other.
I feel I have a crush on him. Sometimes I think he could be my Mr. Right. But it's funny how I can have such a nonsense because I don't see him in reality and we are not serious at all. Just killing time on the internet by talking silly things.

Actually there are some reasons that made me feel this way.
1. It is really fun to talk him. We talk about silly things but some of the things are very concerned about our real life. He does not talk too much but he is so sensible that he can catch my feelings very well. It's like a pingpong match. I toss a subject and he send it back to me in a jolly, balanced way.

2. He is not gay.

3. He adores me like a little sister. (I hate this part!) But sometimes I feel different, which makes me suspicious of his position about how he likes me.

4. I am sure he likes me but not sure if it is a kind of chemistry. That's the problem. I cannot be sure 100% about his attitude towards me. It is vague, tickling, or awkward somtimes.

5. So I think he is a bad guy. He might have many girls around him. He is tall, intelligent, making money with a secured job.

6. Therfore I cannot ask for him a date. I don't want to date with a bad guy. I don't want to play a game like that.

7. He wants to see me sometime. He never tells me exact time, just saying, "See you soon. I have to hang out in this winter."



The Biggest Problem

Wonhee: What is the biggest problem? Why are we alone? We are cool, right? Guys have prblems, not us, I am sure.

Juhee: No... we have problems. It is not possible every guy has the same problem. The problem is in us.

WH: What do you think is the problem then?

JH: We don't know how to rely on guys and we don't need to do so. That is even worse.

WH: Right. I haven't tried to depend on guys. I want to hang out, have a good time, share good ideas, or impower each other like a good friends. It is called a soul mate? It is totally different from relying on somebody. I am just an indivisual. Not one of a pair.

JH: Yeah. Your idea does not work in a relationship. You have to be the one of a pair.

WH: Sometimes I don't know what I want in a relationship. Actually I am almost always happy with my family and friends. And I like my work and life.

JH: But sometimes you feel empty. Right?

WH: Yes... Happy but not enough. It's weird.

JH: What should you expect in a relationship?

WH: I dunno!

Korean Age Sucks

I know the title looks somewhat violent but I have to tell this.

As you know, the new year came and I got older again.

In Korea, a new-born baby is one year old when he or she is born. Then when a new year comes, the baby has another age. So Koreans have one year or two years more than western people. That's why I hate Korean age.

My birthday is in December. It is even mid-December. I was one year old when I just came out of my mom. And two weeks later, I got one year to my age. I am very sorry that I had been two year old in two weeks after I was born.

So with this reason, is it okay to ignore Korean age?