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I don't have any idea about who I am. :)



a pair of nice black suit
a black leather jacket
a Dior lipstick (orange color. I cannot remember the product number.)
a pink banded watch
comfortable but chic shoes
boyfriend (hahaha)


Monday, sick of meetings, sick jaws

Today was a dreadfully busy day. One meeting in the morning and two meetings in the afternoon made me exhausted. Starting a week with meetings makes me sick of work! In addition, two crazy colleagues made some troubles that I really hated.

I stretched myself with a big yawn. I felt something weird. My right year was ringing and my jaw hurt whenever I opened my mouth. I made a call to my friend, who is a dentist and explained my sympytons. She told me that my jaws were wrenched and asked me not to open my mouth wide and relieve it with an ice bag.

Monday should be a fresh start of a week. Won hee, calm down. Don't get mad at crazy people. Don't open my mouth too wide. Have a sound sleep for you, Won hee.

+plus+A Good Healthy News I opened an installment savings for the first time. I am trying to be rich. Well begun is half done, huh?


I was writing a pretty long post about traveling in Japan in the morning.
Suddenly the window of Explore was shut and I lost all.


Start working again

I started working yesterday.
It was not easy for me to adjust to the office life.
I want to get out of here and walk around here and there.
It is stupid and dull of me to sit calm on a chair for 7 hours in front of a screen.
I am feeling my hip getting fatter.

It's an "after vacation" syndrome.


After experiencing Ninja. It was like a haunted house.
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I am cutting Okonomiyaki.
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Tenogi area. The port is the enteracne to Osaka.
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Don't count the dishes! We ate sushi!
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Ramen. We keep eating foods at Osaka. Ramen, okonomiyaki, dakoyaki...
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Night of Kyoto. You can see Kyoto Tower over there.
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Kinkaguchi temple. Do you see the gold coated temple?
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At an unknown street at Kyoto. It was very very quiet.
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Nijo-temple. That's the garden of Nijo temple. The wooden tiles in the building of temple are moving with birds' sound.
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Sajo, the center of Kyoto. In from of Hankyu department store
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Gion with beatiful shops
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down to Gion
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I am back!
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