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Friends are a mirror to reflect myself.
Life is a process in which people make their own identity though various kinds of relationship.
The relationship between friends is a big one.

nevertheless the older I get, more difficult to manage friendship is as the net of relationship is getting more complex.

I am very sorry about the problem.
There is not much to say and share anymore if friends and I don't try to maintain our friendship on purpose.
Is it how it goes? I can not help admitting it?

I am in mid of twenties. I have thing to gain more, but I have thing to lose as well. It is not easy to be conquered.

So far I was not a victim against time and age and the special accident that hurt me did not happen to me. Yet I am afraid now. Silly me and dummy thought.


My Hair

My hair is out of control. It became dry and not neat.
I want to change my hair style.
BUT it is not that easy.

My new hair style must to be easy to do my hair everyday.
not to ruin my hair health.
make me more charming.
not to be too much radical.
to match to various styles.

These are reasons that make the change not easy.
Am I particular over my hair?


No More Coffee

My plan in 2005 : No more coffee. Coffee might kill me someday.
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