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I have to say GOOD BYE in August

It's weird that I have to say good-bye more than nice to meet you as time goes by.
I am sad that especially in this August it happened a lot.

First, one of my juniors in university went off to New Jersey to work for an internship. It will be a good experience to work there. I envy her.
Second, one of my best co-worker resigned the job. She always wanted to be a teacher but she could not make it. This time she got a chance to be a teacher and decided to resign current job to make her dream come true. It is good opportunity to her but I am sorry that I cannot work and have lunch with her.
Third, one of my best friends in university is going to Philadelphia to study for her M.A. in Applied Linguistics. She have prepared to study aboard for three years and she got the admission from U.Penn. Congratulations!!! But also I am sorry that I cannot be with her for about two years.

Like above most people decide to change their directions of life for better future. Meanwhile we have to say good-bye. Some time, yes, I might have say good-bye to others.

What I concern is it is easy to lose people around me while it is very very hard to get to know someone new. I am scared.


I and my best friends. We met while university. The half of them are living abroad to work and to study each. I will miss them.
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me and my best friend, Ju-hee~
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Fall and my wish list

It's FALL here. I'd like to show you the blue sky here.
It's very awesome, covaltic blue!

If I had a digital camera, I would take and post the picture of the sky.
But now I have only a phone cam, which cannot bring you the vivid image.

It's FALL so I have to say good bye to my summer outfits such as t-shirts, sandals, shorts...
So I have to prepare new items for the new season!

My wishlist is going to be longer but now I have some things on it.

There are...

1. brown leather western styled boots.
2. a brown leather or blue swede shoulder bag
3. a flare skirt with red or green Scottish check
4. a black leather jacket with Chinese neck line

I've already bought a blue denim jacket.
My pocket hung but I like shopping! ho-ho-ho!



I came home. (my parents' house in Kyungkido)
cozy and sweet.

I had lost some kilogram but I gained again.
I guess I adjust to the new enviroment.


Good start of today, diligent Wonhee!

Woke up 7:30 in the morning.
Did some laundry by help of a washing machine (for 30 minutes)
Took a shower until 8:00
Dressed and made up
had a breakfast until 8:25
Took the lanudry from the washing machine and dry it by 8:35
Got to work at 8:45




Your Ideal Relationship is Serious Dating

You're not ready to go walking down the aisle.
But you may be ready in a couple of years.
You prefer to date one on one, with a commitment.
And while chemistry is important, so is compatibility.

The Tagging Continues...

The Tagging Continues...

1. Ten years ago
-- I was 16 years old for Korean age. (oops, don't count my current age.) I felt in a puppy love with someone. I was crushed on him much. But he like my best female friend, which was really miserable. But now I think the love I had 10 years ago is the purest ever.

2. Five years ago
-- I was in university. I decided to study Public Relationship and Advertising as my second major. I did my part time eagerly. (tutoring students with English) So I was mentally richer then than now.

3. One year ago
-- I was doing my work very hard, I guess. hahaha...now? I am playing at work like this!!!! I had handled a very big project for a year since my entering this company. Actually this company is my first work place.

4. Yesterday
-- An appointment at night was cancled so I did my laundry by myself.

5. Today
-- At work, I am doing this. I don't want to work today. Only TODAY? Hey, right...not only today..... haha

6. Tomorrow
-- Friday but I don't have any special plan yet.

7. Five snacks I enjoy
-- 새우깡(shrimp flavored chips), cheese cake(it has to be very rich!!!), mocha coffee, Welch's grape, nachoes with cheese

8. Five bands (or singers??) I know the lyrics of most of their songs
-- Lee moon se, Yoon jong shin, West Life, Park jung hyun, 015B. Actually I don't know singers well. Most of them are old now.

9. Five things I would do with $100,000,000
-- I will build a library for people to read comics and books, watch movies, and use interent.

10. Five locations I’d like to run away to
-- Greece, New zealand, Turkey, USA, and Japan

11. Five Bad Habits
--Biting nails, frowning because of my contant lenses, looking down on guys(oh, my!), fogetting to bring an umbrella, sometimes not talking about myself

12. Five things I like doing
-- Watching movies, blogging, talking,

13. Five T.V. shows I like
-- Sex and the City, Friends(I watched most of the episodes.), TV Show Real Article and Fine Article(TV쇼 진품명품), Inuyasha(japanese animation), Night News(really?)

14. Famous People I’d like to meet
-- Ryan Phillipe(movie star, I love him!!!!!!), Yoon dong joo (old Korean poet), Noam Chomsky, Jane Austine, Sarah Jessica Parker...It's hard to answer. Frankly I am not sure whether I wanna meet them or not!

15. Biggest joys at the moment
-- blogging and buying outfits and shoes

16. Favorite toys
- computer, barbie dolls (when I was young), legoes, paper dolls, comic books

17. Five people to tag
-- well...I guess I have less than five people who visit this blog. Lemoncloud and nomad can do this well. hehe


As you know, I started to live by myself.

I used to eat breakfast and bring lunchbox that my mom made.
From now on, I have to prepare all meals for me instead of my mom.

Thesedays usually I eat out around my work place. If I see some left out, I want to made it a doggy meal. hahaha.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen so that I made some food for today. (I share the kitchen with others in the building.) There an unknow lady was making buchimgae, which is a kind of korean pizza. Anyway I stood by her and did my work frying some rice. Then she greeted me and offered me the buchimgae. If other times, at least before I live alone, I would deny the offer as I would be suspicious of her kindness and I don't know her. But I smiled and said, "Thank you." That' funny.


My mom wrote this

I could not help crying like a small kid when I read this in the morning at work.
My mom made me have rabbit eyes.

사랑하는 내딸 원희야
그동안 4년을 아니 6년이구나.
콩나물 시루같은 버스타고 학교다니느라 수고 많았다.
그리고 졸업후 직장생활하면서한번도 앉아서 가 본적 없단말을 그냥 흘겨들었는데..그동안 아무말 없이 묵묵히 다니더니 직장에 대학원에 피곤한 너를 미쳐생각해주지못해 미안하다.
네 결정대로 따르마.
좁은 원룸에서 생활하는것 또한 쉽지 않으리란 걱정이 먼저 들고 밥은 어떻게... 누가 깨우나 걱정이된다.
걱정 많이 안할께.
울 똑순이는 이 엄마가 보증하고 믿으니까 잘 생활하리라 믿는다.
아직 반학기 남은 대학원생활과 직장 그리고 꿈꾸는 공부... 모두 열심히 하길바래.
오늘부터 당분간 비어있는 네 침대를 보면 많이 허전할 것 같구나.
핸드폰이 당분간 바빠지겠구나.
하지만 방도 예쁘고 깨끗하여 다행이며 새로장만 한 이불과 베게와 시트 공부할 책들과 갈아입을 몇가지 옷들을 챙겨주고점심먹고 헤여지며 돌아오는길에 하나님께서 우리 큰딸 원희를 너무 많이 사랑하시는것에 감사하며너의 앞길에 큰 축복 주시라고 기도하면서 왔단다.
홀로서기하는 .. 애쓰는 우리딸 ~!
최선을 다하자! 화이팅!!!

사랑하는 엄마가 _^*^_2005.8.3일밤

Time-to-time friends vs. Frequent friends

As time goes by, I tend to have more time-to-time friends than frequent friends.

time-to-time friends : whom I meet sometimes
frequent friends : whom I meet frequently

I thought that I had to meet so-called friends at least once a month. And I used to rely on them much. Everyday phone calls, cell phones messages, talk on msn, and having a meal together tied up frequent friends and me. If a friend who cannot meet me less than once a month, I used to put aside her or him.

However as I am older and busier, I realize that it is very hard to maintain frequent friends.
Even now I am content with such a kind of relationship coz sometimes it is a burden to meet the same person frequently.

From time to time, I am surprised at my change.


Commercial writing

I am working on making a catalogue of new prouducts at work.
Actually it is nearly first time to do such a thing.
Well, while in university, I have made ads and thier copies as my second major. But it was in classroom.

As our products are educational materials, I should avoid to show too much commercial mood.
And to persuade the readers, it has to be very logic as well as showing the advantages of our prouducts. I have to stand at the middle of the balance.

I am sick of writing this.


Leaving Home

I am leaving home two days later.
It takes too much time (1.5 hours) and it makes me so tired.
Moreover I have to study for the exam to be a teacher.

To save my time and energy, I decided to leave home.
It's the first time for me to live alone.

It scares me and I am not sure whether I will be able to study harder or not.