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The faster, the better?

I guess I am not fast adopting to something. So it takes some time to make a friend and it takes more time to be friendly to him/her. Sometimes I envy those who are quick to make a good relationship. In the case of student teaching, it was not easy to be comfortable with the students all of whom are completely new to me. This case gave me the chance to think about my past.
Okay...so it was...so it was hard to make a good timing. When a man was a rabbit, I was a turtle, so we could not make a good relationship. I think men are quicker than women about relationship things. Especially I always needed more time than guys did, so it was not easy to make it. So..i have a question. The faster, the better? Do I have to be attracted or fall in love when I see a guy for the first time? Ahhh...I can't.. it's impossible.

Dull and bored

dull.....bored much

nothing to do now

have no direction

floating like oil on water



This blog is not working.

I tried to post somthing a week ago. however due to the technical problem of this blog I could not post it. This time it happens too. It's very bothering.

Addicted to the short hair

I had my hair cut again. I used to having long hair but I guess I am addicted to short hair. I made bang hair. haha It made me refreshing, I like it.
Student teaching lasts a week. I have to go back to my office again.
I think another challenge wait for me.


The first day at school

Today my student teaching started! (actually I did not teach but I only observed the schooling and took lessons from teachers. I think I will do teaching 1 week later.)
It was weird not to go to my office on Monday. Comparing the normal life on Mondays, there was no traffic jams and not much work today but I was terribly tired.
(even it was hard to eye contact to others. oh my poor eyes!)

I conclude the new circumstance made me more tired than ever. The physcial circumstance is not as tough as my normal life. Yea...mentally abnormal circumstance must have been the problem. I felt like being okay and comfortable but it turned out being wrong.

I am O type so I thought I like social life and I am good at making friends. However nowadays I got to know I am not that social. It's funny. I am tired being sociable.