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I don't have any idea about who I am. :)


Finding myself

I think I can find myself in relationships.
I define my roles in the relationships.

As time goes by, I tend to cut my relationships around me and be egoistic.

Now people around me have adjusted to me already and there is no challenge.
They know me very well and we don't have unexpected comflict and even don't want that.

They know me very well and I know them as much as they know me.
They understand me without explaining. I have settled down in the existed relationships.

That's not bad but...the problem is the situations make me selfish.
I expect them to chase my pace and they do too.

I am sure there is another me in me who has to change to adjust to undefined relationship.


how have you been?

long time no see. oh, my...I was in chaos.
Now I am trying to get over it. hahah

I am in a coffee place with my labtop.
I had a trouble with labtop thing. I bought one a month ago but it had a serous problem so I had refund it. So I bought another one, which was waste of time. I hate the brand of old one. -_-

I just want to say hello to my blog friens.
I am doing my thesis but I am not sure whether it would work well or not. But I am just thinking I have to try on it pointlessly.

Have fun, you guys though I don't now.

It's the hardest time of my M.A. course. I could not expect it. :(


Under much stress

Yup. I am under much stress.
About my work, my co-worker, school things, graduation, relationship, thesis...

All things are messed up.
I have to organize them.

I saw Charlie and Cholcolate Factory.
It was less than my expectation. I read the book when I was little.
Imagiation is more exciting than images on the screen. haha