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I will graduate school tommorow. I am happy and sorry at the same time. Happy to quit working on school work anymore including thesis and get a degree. Sorry that I am not a student anymore.

Both breaking up and graduating make my real new start of 2006.
I am looking forward to welcoming spring.


He was not that into me

Did you read the book, "He is not that into me"?
It looks like a stupid garbage in which girl manipulator rambles. However, I found it interesting and helpful though I am a kinda cynical person who does not like to listen to what others say about dos and don'ts.


I broke up with my long distance relationship whom I mentioned before. The reason why I decided to do so is that he was not that into me and I was not that into him either.

When we could not meet frequently, it was hard for me to figure out what I am thinking about him. A few days before, he got a 4 day-leave from work and stayed in Seoul. Then we met two sucessive days, when I concluded that I was not interested in him as much as I had imagined.

Though it was a bitchy thing to notify my one-sided decision but I did so. And he agreed with me with ease. There was no arguing and insisting.

This left me with a sense of futility.



Every lunch time, I have to decide what I will have.
That's easy or not.

Every decision making is easy or not like a lunch choice.


Charlie's and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie's and the Chocolate Factory is one of my favorite stories. I cannot forget the first impression I got when I read it for the first time about 17 year ago. Sure, it was written in Korean.

I like the words and expressions used to describe smell and taste of chocolate, candy bars, chewing gums. Imagine that you chew the stake favored gum for a meal or lick a chocolate that never melt. Is it fantastic?

Anyway I ordered original English version of the book and I am reading it. It's much more fun than Korean one and the movie that was released last year. (That's because the details of the movie were somewhat different from my imagination. I felt as if he chocolate river in the movie is plastic flavored. The movie was good but the book of the story is the better!)

I wanna see Wonka and his chocolate factory! ;)


Blue Sky

Wow...today's weather is awesome!
I'd like to show you the clear blue sky in Korea.

Today I bought a box of chocolate. -_- You know, tomorrow is St. Valentine Day. It's silly to give chocolate to guys. I feel like being manupulated by chocolate manufactuers.

However if I don't prepare chocolate, someone will be disappointed with it. What a shame!


Be productive

I am getting tired of consuming feelings.
Since December, I have been idle without any reason. Neither working hard nor chilling much.
That made me more tired phisically and mentally. I felt helpless.
I am a kind of person who have to move and act. Otherwise I really get to be gloomy.

Meaningful overwork is welcomed. But killing time? No!
I am going to avoid drinking so that I talk to someone. Rather I will choose to read or write in a quite place with coffee.
Studying is important to me. Though I graduate this month, I will keep studying my major area.
I will organize my idea and thought whenver I am inspired. Watching movies and performances are also good coz they help me think new ways.
I will shop whatever I really want. Not only the inner things construct me but also materials around me also count.