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Don't make me a warrior.
I want to stay in peace. I hate to be blushed because of trouble.

BUT!!!!!! Nowadays some people make me mad.
I am annoying to be under unfavorable circumstances.

When books are made, the publishing point is very important.
As I make teaching materials, we have to meet the deadline according to the start of new semester. Sales department have kep urging my work. I am working under enormous pressure. I even worked on Sunday. Time is killing me.

As I become extreme nervous, my fighting power goes up.


An Ideal Couple

These are Reese and Ryan.
They are my ideal couple. How cute!! (there babies are also cute!!!!)
I like that red dress and I like the guy who is with her more than dress.
Am I too greedy?

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On My Day

My laughter looks silly.
How happy I look! Thank you, guys.
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Do you have any special plan on Christmas?

How about me? Not really..
My friend invited me to come to her friend's party that day.
She told me that the dress code of the party is 'hophop.'
I said 'yes, I am going.' but I am in no mood for going the party.

First of all, I don't want to struggle to make new friends on Christmas. (It is not easy to be friendly to new people. It is needed much effort.)
Second, I don't like hiphop style. I have to buy baggy pants and proper shoes for the party. I am not passionate enough to shop new clothes for the paty.

In conclusion, it seems that my words get smaller and smaller. I am lazy making new friends.


Long Time No See

I haven't visit here for a long time. I was really really busy managing my life.
Oh time passes so quicly it's December already.
I am going 24 years old from next week. I am OLD!!!!!