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Oh...I am addicted to blogging.
Actually I have had my own other blog for about 2 years. It is a blog for both me and my close Korean friends. There are about 500 pics and posts. I love it. However I can not talk as freely as I want because there are too many eyes to watch me.
I have not let the others know this blog yet. Any of my friends don't know about this blog. It's my secret place where I can make new friends. It would be a good chance to me, I think. Therefore I went surfing others' blogs. There were tons of blogs that can be connected to mine. However it was not easy to leave my comment to whom I totally don't know. (Am I too timid, huh?) Anyway... I spent about 2 hours just browsing here and there. I found that not many Koreans use this service and many kinds of peolple who have different interests and background are connected to this blogging service. Whatever, it was fun!
I should live more meaningfully so as to post more meaningful stuffs on this blog. too serious to talk in this way? If you do, maybe... it is due to my silly Enlgish skill...^_~


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