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With my co-worker, lovely Ji-sun
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My friend and I, farewell, Heather~
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I have three-day off beacause of Chusok which is simillar holidays to Thanks Giving of western culture. I am happy to have relatively long holiday and to take a rest fully.
In Chusok, we have special food for the day. I have to be careful not to eat much. ;)


Green Tea

Do you like green tea? I like green tea. Expecially green tea latte.
I was coffeeholic. I used to drink coffee three times a day, but now I drink ice green tea instead of coffee. I think drinking coffee is a habbit. Habits can be changed only if you want to chage them. (I still love coffee, but I try to drink less coffee and more green tea.)
It is easy to make ice green tea. The easiest way is to dip a tea bag into a glass of iced water. If you have a good green tea leaves, soak them into warm water and float ice on the tea. It smells good and it is good for health.


Stable but a little boring life

If some ask me, "Hi, what's up?", then I will say, "Everything is good."
Yea.. actually I am good. I love studying, working, and nowdays I lose some weight.
However because of doing on a diet, I rarely meet friends to stop eatting and drinking at night.
Everyday is the same. Nothing is chaging.
Hey, is there any fun stuff?


Routine Browsing

I do browse alsmost the same site everyday.
It is boring. Though I am online on msn or yahoo messenger, there is not much to talk with my friends.

Let me introduce some sites I am used to visiting. These are most Korean site.
If you have recommended sites, comment on this post so that I can visit the links later.

1. daum (It is the one of the biggest potal sites in Korea.)
To check and send emails, shop, and read some news.

2. cyworld (It is the site for blogging that has most bloggers in Korea. )
To operate my blog and take a look at my friends' blog
To post on my clubs

3. lotte.com (Lotte's shopping site. Lotte is the biggest department store chain in Korea.)
To shop actually
To screen shop (not buying but looking only)

4. bloggers.com(you know what)

5. stoo.com (Daily Sports Newpaper)
To read some sports news
To read gossips
To read comic strips

6. google.com (you know what)
To seach information for my work

7. Wordsmyth (English words learning site,which offers children's dictionary)
To look up some words

8. ksenglish.com (my company's official site)
To know readers attention on the bullet borad

9. yahoo usa
To check my email and read some English news


Damn Menstrual colic!

The monthly little visitor came.
Because of it, I have menstrual colic. ( I didn't know this vocabulary, so I looked up the dictionary. There must be another idiomic expression, but I don't know.) It really hurts. I can hardly concentrate on my work now, so I am blogging. ^^;;
Almost always I am happy to be a woman. However once a month, because of the pain, I wanna be a man. -_-
Whenever the cycle is unstable, so the little visior doesn't come, I get worried about my health.
Thinking rationally, it must be a blessing God gave me, but it is really really anoying.


Slam Dunk! Hisashi Mitsui~¢½
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My Favorite Comic Book

My favorite comic book is Green by Tomoko Nimomiya.
Green consists of four volumes and I have them.
It is a not much romantic story, but it has witty and funny characters and story.

Plus..I recommend Nodame Classics, which is illustrated by Tomoko Nimomiya, too.



One of my company's works is to make audio tapes and CDs for children. We have to record songs and chants. Therefore I went a recording studio twice in this week. To record children's songs, we invited four kids who can speak Enlgish as a their native language or who can use English as freely as native speakers. We had to pay to each about 100 dollars per a hour though they are only 10 years old. At first, when I heard the price, it is so expensive that I was surprised. (In this case, this Korean idiom can be applied; They earn as if they gather leaves with a rake. ) Anyway...So...I thought it can be a sort of privilege of them because unless they tried anything, they can earn about 300 dollars a day even when they are ten years old!
However after recording and watching them work in a small studio, my mind was changed. Even though they are kids, they were really professional performers. In some cases, they were better than adults when they came to work with us. They were so enthusiastic that I rather learned from them what is professional sprit.


E-syndrome Makes Me a Fossil.

How many hours do you stare at computer screen a day?
I usually work with computers for 6 hours.
Today in the morning I could hardly open my eyes.
Oh god! sore sore eyes....-_-
I think the sore eyes due to my computer works.
Therefore today I even get to work wearing my glasses.

E-syndrome is getting pain as the result of long time computer work.
Stiff neck and shoulder, backahe ,and sore eyes are all symtons of e-syndrome.
We need some exercises from time to time during computer works.

After a long time of work while looking the computer screen, I feel like being a fossil.


What Horoscope tells about me

I am a Sagittarius.
(Also known as "Archer")
My Horroscope starts like this:
" Usually a Sagittarius will come off as a blissfully happy idiot. In most cases, this first impression will prove accurate. His moronic enthusiasm cannot be dampened by anything - not even by a cinder block falling on his head. " (Read more | Find yours)