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Several ways

I have worked this company for about 2 years. (I am working for a publishing company and it's my first regular job.) As I worked and studied at the same time, fortunately I performed two things with a balance, I guess, haha. Anyway...what I want to say is several ways where my friends and I are heading to.

First, Group A chooses a marriage. She is likely to engage in a family and satisfy with being a house wife. In order to do this, her husbands can make enough money to support the family and to meet her needs. The husband is likely to be far order than the wife by over 5 years, so they can assure the security fiancially and mentally. My friend, wife enjoys it.

Second, Group B chooses a further study. 100 percent of my friends graduated universtiy. (In Korea, there are tons of universities and colleges.) She graduated and got a degree two years ago as I did. Then she began to build their career at their own position. However life at work was not as good as they expected and she felt some lack. She needed something more even though she was not sure what it was. With consideration, some found what she wanted. Finally she decided to quit her job and begin schooling againat a graduate school. As she is a grown up, she will have to endure her finacial problems by herself. That's the real problem. Though she has some deposit, it does not last forever.

Third, Group C is thinking about changing her job. Two years is neither a long time nor a short time. When she was kicked into a real world from a school, she was in chaos. She did not what to do. When she was offered a job, she got it without much thinking and two years passed. While engaged in a industry, she wondered if this job was good for her. 'There might be another job for me. I am not talented at this. I am talented at that. I cannot succeed in this.' This is what she thinks.

Last, Group D is thinking about changing her job too but the reason is different from Group C. She wants to leave her current job to make better looking resume. 'This company is so small that it's not unadequete to build my career here. I have to play in a bigger water. If I leave her, I can get more salary and better position.' This is what she thinks.

I guess I belong to Group C. Korean girls are worried about these problem faster than guys becuase guys start working 2 year later than girl at average due to thier miliary service.
I don't want to welcome 2006 without any preparation.


Long distance relationship

What do you think about long distance relationship?
I have been contacting with someone who lives far from me. It takes about 5 hours to get each other. (The Korean pennysula is very small but really it does!) Therefore we keep in touch with each other via calling or messaging, which is not very good.
When one of us is busy, it is not easy to call frequently. In the case, the other is just wondering about what's wrong and feel easily nervous. The relationship does not give me a security. It's unstable.
"I miss you." the sweetest words, I am not sure of.


Late happy birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. Oh I got aged. :(
haha...Depite my birthday, everything was the same and I worked harder and more. I think birthday is not the day for cellebration anymore. Am I too cynical?
Anyway, thank your for calling me, mj. I was very surprised at the unexpected call!

I am really really sleepy now. (it's 2:14 p.m. at my side.) As I am feeling something sour in my mouth, I has determined stop dirinking coffee for a while. It's not a good singal to my health. I guess I have got tired.

I have two or three burdens now. I hope I would clear them up until the end of this year.