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Anyone who helps us?

We, Sahoipyungnon publishing company are seeking for a writer who has been engaged in public English education in English speaking countries. Sahoipyungnon publishing company is located in Seoul, Korea and we always try to make good learning and teaching material for learners.

We are planning a reading program for children who learn English as a foreign language. To make a good program with great content, we are looking for a passionate author.

- Teaching experience in English speaking countries needed.
- Teaching in public schools preferred.

- Negotiable when you contacting us.
- Will be paid by workload.

- Approximate 20 articles. Each article is consists of 200-300 words.
- Negotiable when you contacting us.
- Short quantity even welcomed.

- Send your resume and any document that can prove your teaching experience.
- Must include your name, email address, and phone number.

- email: winjoy@ksenglish.com- phone: 82-2-326-1168


If you have a friend who meets this requirement, please let me know your friend.


Chusok and Communication problem

From today Chusok holidays start!
Chusok is Korean holiday that are much similar to Thanksgiving in States.
My family is going to prepare food for the holiday and it is such a big labor that I have to help my parents.
Anyway..I am happy to stay homeand be with my family for three days .
I was very depressed as one of my coworker was fired today. I know she has have a lot of problems related to the work and personality. Howevey I am sorry that she met a huge disaster. (Her father is in a hospital because of cancer.) What I really concern is that she will be pressed by the same problem that she has had in my company wherever she would go.
The problem is due to the difficulty of communcation. She tends no to listen to others and hide her work from others. She hates to be blamed very much so it makes this problem worse. Anyone did not want to work with her as a partner. Either did I. She is older than I by 10 years and she has more carrer experience thatm I do but...I think communication is the most important at work place.

Anyway...it's hard to say about her and I am very sorry.


Wine made me more fluent

haha it was true.
I do language exchange once a week. I help my exchange partner with Korean and he helps me with English.
I have taught Korean to my friend from the States, I like to teach, and I always want to practice my English so I started to do it.
Today (oh...yesterday) was the day we were supposed to meet and study. However the 회식 [hoi-sick] (which means having dinner and drinking with my co-workers for our unity or just for fun) was planned suddenly. So I wanted to change the study schedule but I thought It would be not good to postpond and I could make it at night around 9 pm.
From 7 pm to 8:50 pm, I had several shots of soju(Korean wine) and went to meet my exchange friend.

"How are you? Sorry. I had some soju because my company had dinner together. Don't worry. I am not drunken, blah, blah, blah..."

I know I must have had a bad smell of achohol but I could not help it, haha.
Anyway my cool friend understood my situation and we started to talk and study.
Oh, dear. I could feel my speaking was better than ever. Maybe wine made me more fluent in speaking.

The affective fliter and degree of fear about a new language plays a great role when you study a second language. So sometimes wine gives a good impact on speaking a second language. I heard about it before but I was my first experience.

Why don't you try it?


Good news!

I bought a laptop. haha From now on I can be online at night.
It 's the first time for me to purchase something with large amount of money.

In my mom's boots

My mom and dad met 27 years ago and they got married 6 months later. It was a marriage arranged by a go-between. Though they met by matchmaking, they dated for six months and made good memories based on love.

They said that when my mom and dad started dating, dad made an effort to marry my mom. Whenever they met, my dad called a taxi and honor her like a princess. Also dad gave presents to her. One of his presents is western styled leather boots. At that time, it was 70,000 won (which is about 60 dollars.) It was a large amount of money that values as much as 700,000 won at present. My mom got the presents but it seemed she did not weat the boots very often. I assume there were some reasons. Here are my guess. First, she considered them too precious to wear. She saved them. Second, since she got pregnant as soon as they married, there were not many chances to wear boots. Therefore the boots look new up to present. Though my dad does not buy her such a expensive gift anymore, they are happy talking about the boots at table. Anyway the boots have such a story.

The fashion moves in a circle so the western boots are one of favorite items nowadays. I took the boots and their love story about the boots out of the a shoe chest.

I caught a cold and I have a fever now. I miss my parents.


Mythological archetypes in me

I met my friend and her fiancé. They are not officially engaged yet but it is likely for them to marry. My friend J wore a sparkling ring on her left hand and I heard the fiance kneel asking for marrying him the day before yesterday.

From the first date to yesterday, it did not take much time, only 4 months! How quick!
My friend is such Hera in Greek myth that she places marriage on her first place. She is likely to fall in love quickly and undoubtedly and she really believes in love. She is cute.
Her fiancé is much older than her by 9 years. It was surprising to see how they were well balanced in spite of their age gap. The fiancé even seemed to seek maternal affection from my friend. (Surely girls' mental level is higher than boy's. Sorry, boys, hehe.)
Anyway. They looked great and I envied them. My friend was eager to seek Mr. Right for her and I think she succeeded. Hera wins! They offered me to sing or play the instrument for their wedding in December and I welcomed their offer. :)

Have you though of which mythological archetypes do you belong to? There are many gods and goddess in Greek myth. And we have many gods and goddess in ourselves as well.
I think I have some gods and goddesses in me such as Artemis, Aphrodite, Hermes and so on. Above all, I consider that I am Artemis for many parts. Artemis is totally different from Hera who is the goddess of marriage. Artemis deals with the moon and war. She has a scar from her first love and she doesn't want to marry. She considers sisterhood as an important thing. (I bet that she is not gay but a independent girl.)

There are advantages and disadvantages in a mythological archetype. Therefore Greek gods made many funny episodes, huh? Also I have advantages and disadvantages as Artemis. I have to endure the disadvantages of Artemis and I should try to find another traits that Hera has in me, not just envy Hera's happiness.


Fashion Show Review

Andrew Kim Fashion Show@SNU

Two weeks ago, I went to Andre Kim's Fashion show at Seoul National University.
One of the most famous designer, Andre Kim made about 180 costumes for the event and over 15 models were involved. Among them, the actor and actress who got the most spotlight were Kim Tae hee and Kim Rae won. They starred in Korean soap opera, "Love story in Harvard."
Though I had not have any feeling about them, I thought they were wonderful. (Frankly speaking I do not see any korean soap opera well.)

Many people makes fun of Andre Kim as he has a different sexual identity and somewhat odd apperance. haha... However I was very touched by his passion and creativity. He is an artist.

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Andre Kim Fashion Show@SNU
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Andre Kim Fashion Show@SNU
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Language ego, blog ego

It might be interesting to you that no one who are offline friends as well as family knows the existence of this blog. I started blogging at blogger.com by myself and there are nobody who knows this Far Far Away. Therefore I can write what I feel without any inhibition, which I enjoy.
Though I have another blog where my all Korean friends know and visit and two blog share many parts of content, it is somewhat different to post here from there.

Futhermore I write this blog in my foreign language, English. I have not been abroad to study English and I know my Enlgish is poor. However there is something special and new when it comes to write in another language. Sometimes it is hard to determine which expression is more appropriate to use in order to convey the meaning. However I do not use dictionary well and I write them as I want! Haha...

Do you know the term, language ego? (language ego: Learning a new language involves developing a new mode of thinking - a new language "ego.") I guess I have two blog egos as well as two language egos.

Anyway...TGIF! Have a good day!


Musical Grease!

I saw it yesterday. Wow there were many gorgeous actors and actresses.
Acting and dacing was great and the music wasl also good.
How cool the good looking actors on jeans and leather jacket!!!!!!!!!
I was atrracted by them. (especially the one who has very cute butt. Hahaha don't judge me. It's just feeling.) The performance was so acrobatic that the actors looked more distinguished than actresses. Haha I even got autographies from them after the show.

Calvin Klein offers the jeans as their PPL. The marketing strategy is great I think because it makes me buy the jean right now.
I wanna go back to high school.

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