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Top ten news

At the end of every year, I find top issues of the year on TV. Who sequences the issues? Journalists or politicians??? Who knows? Actually the issues or news are not mine. (Some of them are related to my own interests though.)

Okay, then... In 2006, what happened to me? What was my top ten issues?
What made me happy and what made me annoyed?

Oh, the sequence is random. Ranking is impossible as it is too hard to value each news.

1. Graduation
I got a new degree of English education.

2. New books published
Listening and reading books were published. As an editor in charge, I directed all procedures of reading books. I am happy to end the project before new year comes.

3. Two business trips
It was a challenge - having meetings and dealing with strangers who know about publishing and sales more than me. I have learned how to negociate and make a deal. Business trips made me have more opportunities to me. However they gave me more work as well.

4. Broke up with a long distance relationship
At that time, I thougt it was a relationship. But now I just feel empty with it. haha. I learned what works for me and what does not work for me at all. Some problems were the causes: he thought be a very very kind and tamed girl; he lived very far from me; he was not confident with his future and career while I was heading to my better career with much confidence; and after all we did not love each other as much as we could.

5. Marriages around me
Some of my friends married. I started thinking of marriage practically. But I don't have a good answer about marriage so far. I don't convince whether I am a marriage type girl or not.

6. Discovery of skirts
I had been not that into skirts. I used to wear jeans almost every day. But this year I found skirts are more practical items and easy to wear, and I look better on skirts or dresses.

7. Druken
I had not been drunken even though I drank much liquior. Two times this year, I was flat because of liquior: soju(korean vodka) and Chinese vodka. I was embrassed when I woke up the next morning. I could not remember clearly what I did last night. Fortunately I was with my good friends and they helped me go back to my place. I realized that nobody could be free from stong vodka. I decided not to have much vodka.

8. Two miserable blind dates
OMG... I don't rememebr the guys. They made me look back my life. I felt myself very trifle and life empty if I valued myself with one I was dating.

9. Good bye to a friend
She was one of my best friends. We were in the same high school. We used to talk on the phone for several hours and I felt connected to each other. I shared many things for ten years. However we were too different. I know everyone is unique and different. But I was not generous enough to hug the big differences. I think friendship is what does not ask for generousity and understading comes naturally if the friendship is real. Naturally we were apart though we did not have a serios problem. I don't know what will happen to us next year but I guess I won't see her in the near future.

10. (wow...it's tough to think of ten items...) Trip to Japan
It was the first visit to Japan though it takes only 90 minutes to get to Japan. (I spend 180 minutes on week days commuting.) My friend and I met my another friend living in Japan and I had a great time with them. Traveling is so much fun. I love it. I do not envy millionaires about thier fortune and luxurious life. However sometimes I envy the people who can travels whenever they want to. What if I have enough money and time to go aound the world any time? Hmm... Are they worth and memorable travles? I don't think so.

More bad things did exist in 2006, but I forgot most of them. Really I cannot remember well or I don't remember at least. I wish a happy new year to me and my blog buddies!



Which do you prefer, working out at a gym alone or hanging out with your friends?

I gain many things relating my work but I lost my health instead. My bio rhythme is broken. I don't know what I call bio rhythme is actullay is but I feel some rhythme that controls human being exists and it plays an important role, especially for women.

I was very confident in my health because I was okay even though I spent several days and nights over-working. However I am not. I am not confident. I am not okay with overworking.
I am still in 20s but I can foresee my miserable unhealthy 30s if I don't arrange my life.

I am thinking of sports: yoga, squash, or just exersicing at a gym. I am given 24 hours a day and I work from 9 am to 6 pm and more. It takes about 90 minutes to commute. I have friends to talk and eat together after work or on weekends. For these reasons, it is not easy to allot enough time for working out. I know it is an excuse. If I feel that I need exercise desperately than hanging out with my friends and having wonderful dinner with them, there would be no problem.


Long time no see

I found my blog abandoned. It's my fault!
I've been very very busy. Everyday overworking made me very sick mentally and physically.

I finished one-year project last week. (I published 6 books and 6 CDs!!!) And I finalized a very important contract with a U.K. publisher. It is a positive ending of this year.

To make my year end more meaningful, I am planning a special even for me and people around me. I am listing people who helped me this year. I counted them. They were about 20 people. They were co-workers and colleagues. When I work with them, I mostly use email to communicate with them. It is very rare to write a handwriting letter. I decided to write a hard copy letter to show my gratitudes. I am happy to have good people to write a thank you letter to.