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Women: the enemy of women

I met a group of friends who used to go to university together. All of them are around early 30s or late 20s and half of them are married. We are not best friends. However as we shared the best season of life together - early 20s, we always have a lot things to talk about though we see together twice a year or so.
I found interesting that the topic we talked about has changed. Even last year, we talked about career development or dating. But now as many of them are gettting married, they were talking about thier family.
I consider that the most interesting topic of what married girls talk about is mothers-in-law. I can group the types of mothers-in-law into three categories.

1. Princess type
This is the most annoying type. She is so girly that she is so jealous of daughters-in-law. Also they feel like daughters-in-law take away thier sons. They want to be treated like their son's girl friends. They want to compete with their daughters-in-law.

2. Queen type
The queen type mothers-in-law are usally strong and they want to rule everything about family. Actually this type could be annoying type or not depending on the situations.
The good thing about them is they are so mentally strong that they do not want to be cared as babies. Especailly when they are economically stable, the queen type could be okay as they tend to be indepenent. The bad thing is that it is likely that their son could be mama's boys and they tend to be stuborn. When their daughter-in-law is also a queen type wannabe, it is possible the conflict between them would be sharp.

3. An Old Lady Type
This is the best type for me. They are neither a princess to take care of nor a queen to obey. They are like a nice old lady who lives next door. It is good to see her once a while, when both the daughters-in-law and them do their best to maintain good relationship, not invading the their own spheres each other.

When I look back on my friends' stories, the most problem are rooted in the fact that many of mothers-in-law in Korea do not consider their son's family as an independant family. In other words, they have hard time to seperate their sons from them and accept that their sons belong to a new family.
The girls who backbite their mothers-in-law will be mother-in-laws in the future too. I am sure that they will not be able to be free of belonging to the three categories.


Blogger patochi17 said...

That's what i notice when watching korean series. Moms loves their sons too much...:D Those types of mom-in-laws also exists in our country. I have 4 sisters who are already married and experiencing same as your exmaples... Lol.. ReaLITY bITES... mISS talking to you... take care... :-)

7:19 p.m.  

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