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Shocking my weight

Our company will present new products to majoy buyers tommorow. Thereforee tommorow is an important day, so I decided to wear more formal dress than usual ones. I tried on my dresses kept in my closet for a while. (Our company has no dress code, so I usually wear jeans. ) ALAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt something weird. OH MY GOD!! The zipper did not work well and the dress seemed to have got smaller. Oh yea....that's it... I definetly gained some (or much) weight. It's terrible. What shall I do to lose the unimportant part of my body? What is the key, working out or eating less? This subtle change of my body convince me to be on a diet. I was so genorous to my weight that I have ignored my health and appearance. I am totally despressed.


Blogger LemonCloud said...

Hmm.. Talking about weight. I had gained some too. Recently, my bottoms/pants are getting tighter. Weighting my myself, my fear had come true. I had put on weight. I tried to go on diet but but.. within one week I give up. Instead of eating less, I seems to eat even more than usual. What kind of joke is my body playing on me?! Just when I'm trying to slim down. Excercise apparently tone up muscles and not lost the weight. If I know of any good ways to slim down, I post it up.
P.S: My results for the color quiz cannot be retrieved ;(

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