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Rain, Rain, Go Away.

I read many children's books. One of the book's titles is Rain, Rain, Go Away.
Since the last Saturday, it have rained alot here. Everywhere is wet.
I do like to watch raining scene. However I hate to get on buses on rainy days, expecially on Mondays. Traffic in Korea is so terrible(plus I have to commute for a long time, about 1.5 hours. It's really far far away.) that on rainy days the streets get full of cars. I become trapped in a traffic. Moreover in the morning, the bus is too crowded for me to sit, so I usually stand in the bus all the way.
Naturally, we have much much rain in summer in Korea under the influence of typhoons and clashes of ais masses. Whenever typhoon comes here, many crops are demaged. Poor farmers! Korea has four distinctly four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter, so farmers have only two seasons to plant their crops. However if too much rain falls in summer, their strrugle would be gone, boom! They could not ripe the farm products as they planted in spring.
For my personal convinence and farmers effort, I want the rain to go away soon. It's my spell - Rain, rain, go away.


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