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Bye, bye, my widom teeth.
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Dammit! I am crying.

Yes, I am crying. My eye are very red and the tear drops keep dripping.

What made me cry?

The contact lenses!!!!!

Oh, my. One hour before, I found I had worn wrong lenses. ( My right and left sight are different so I sometimes do this.) At work I decided to corret them and I asked my co-workers to give lense cleaner. One of my collegue handed hers to me and I used them. Then I put the lense to my right eye. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Stinky! Somthing was wrong!
The cleaner was for hard lenses not soft lenses. Mine is soft lenses so it don't need to be cleaned by water after cleansing the lense using cleaner.

I am still crying. If someone who don't know the situation see me, he or she might think my mental status is not stable. That's horrible. Ah, it stinks again.


Outspoken - the gorgeous

As I said before, I went rafting to Dong river from Friday to Saturday.
I wore a somewhat stupid looking life vest and helmet and rode a rubber boat with 8 people for four hours.
There is one captain per a boat who is the professional and guide the boat. Hahaha...okay. Let met take up the main subject.

My boat also has a captain. (originally we called the captain as 'guide.') The captain is male and a student who are majoring in Physical education or somthing like that. He has tanned skin and middle height. He is as old as I am. He is not the type I usually like. He doesn't look smart and talk too much to entertain his customers. However the most remakable thing is that he has a very very nice body. He has tanned ideal muscles, not too big and not too small. I wanted to talk with him but there was right chances, which I am sorry about. I missed the gorgeous!!!!!!!

Anyway what I want to say is it is shocking that I was attracted by BODY! It was the first time to happen such a thing. When I was younger, I did never judge a guy by appearances, especially BODY. Oh..I guess I am old. Probably that's the reason.

Return to the real life

The golden weekends are almost gone.
There is only 50 minutes left.

I don't want to meet you.


Wisdom tooth and rafting

1. Wisdom teeth

I have FOUR wisdom tooth.
One of them is swollenm, EKKKK!

Some people say the less evolved, the more wisdom tooth have.

I seem to be less evolved.

This toothache usually lasts two days and is gone again. Then several weeks later, the pain come again. So when I decide to go a dentist's office, the pain is gone so I postpond the doctor's appointment. How stupid I am. This time is more painful than usual. I hate dental clinics, especially the sound of drills. Therefore I am postponding to go to see a dentist again for many reasons. Anyway...why is wisdom teeth called wisdom teeth?

2. rafting
I am going rafting two days later to Dong river(동강) under the name of 'workshop.' The The president my company was attracted with rafting last year so he wants to go rafting with his staff. These days I have been under much stress at work place due to the overwork, my laziness, and inefficiency or work. So I frequently have wanted strong wine, hahaha. Anyway I hope two days leave from the real work will make me feel better.

In conclusion, I will go rafting with my paintful wisdom tooth. This is very silly, isn't it?

I've got curly hair. I am not as cuite as the girl. Hahaha.. but changing hair makes me refreshed. Coool-
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Some of my friends start to marry!

- I think it is rather early to marry at my age but some people it is better to marry when a girl is young.

- I think marriage should be done when two partners are ready to marry. They should be stable for their social economic status or at least they should know where they are heading for their living. However many girls marry though they are jobless.

There are two cases of marriage around me.

case 1> J is my junior while university. She is one year younger than I am. She had left U.S to study English. While she stayed in states, she had dated three guys for 16 months. At last she decided to marry the third guy who is a dentist in states. He has Korean origin and he has denizenship coz he emigrated to states about 10 years ago.They met in January this year and they told they have fell in love since the first meeting. J accepted the dentist's propose As J had to graduate university, she came back to Korea accompanied by her bridegroom. He met J's parents and prepare the wedding in Koreafor a week and went to states again because he had to work. They finally have a wedding ceremony this month and J is going leave Korea forever. She cannot come to her graduation. She has to leave her family in Korea. She is going to change her major. She has to change most of hers.

case 2> E is my friend. She is hot and sexy so she is always famous among guys. Neverthless she had dated a man for 7 years. She wanted to marry him. However she found he was cheating and they are broken. The interesting thing is E had cheated several times but he did not notice it. haha Anyway...after a few month E comes to have a new boy friend. And... bomb!!! Suddenly she declared her marriage to her new boy friend though they have dated for short period. She did not graduate yet. She does not have her future plan. Now..only marriage is her plan.Why do girls devote theirselves to marriage? In case of marriage, is it okay to abandon most of hers? I know marriage is very important to one's life. Yeah...it's important!


Girl talk

I have many girl friends, which I don't know good or not.
hehe anyway there are many people around me. I like it.

I graduated from a female school and my collegues are all girls.
So...natually I gotta be good at girl talk. I listen to them and I talk with them without any barrier. I know how to deal and get along with girls. I satify this situation itself.

But the problem is that I am not good at talking with guys, I guess, which means when I talk with boys, I am too much indifferent rather than shy. I think I am used to overacting. Absolutely it seems to be unatural and it does not help me develop relationship at all.

Some friends of mine told me I used not to smile at guys. It could scare them. Do I have to pratice smiling? How difficult!