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Before sunset. I like to watching the horizon. It make my sight widen.
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At Hae-woon-dae beach. The color of the sea water was emerald.
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We are on the boat. The wind was so strong that we couldn't help entering a cabin soon.
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The marvelous pattern. We can feel the ages and time.
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I am on the edge of a cliff.
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At Tae-jong-dae. There is the sea and cliff. Those are awesome.
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This is Pa-zun, which is a kind of pizza. But it is much different with pizzas in its taste.
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In KTX (express train like TGV in France)
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At Busan Aquarium. Waves of fish was amazing.
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My plan for a trip on this weekends!

I am going to Busan which is the secondly biggest city in Korea.
Busan has big international port and is famous for Busan International Festival.
From my home to there, it takes 6 hours to get by bus unless there are no traffic jam. (When traffic condition is horrible, it takes forever. ) Fortunately Thanks to KTX that is an express train like TGV in France, my friends and I can go Busan in two hours.
We will spend two days and one night in Busan, which is short, but I am exciting to get out of my office and see something new to me.
I will take many pictures and show you later. hehe..



I attched the counter to this blog so I can figure out how many people have been here everyday. Thesedays I found more people visited here. (but there is no evidence such as comment or touch in guestbook. Only numbers on the counter let me know someone was here.) How can this happen? I am glad to share my feeling or idea with someone but I am just curious why numbers of visitors got increased. Weird..... :)

This is the traditional ancestor-memorial services. We made this two times a year. This table is more simplified than before.
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I've got a guestbook.

I attached a guestbook on my blog.
As you see, it is humble. To keep in touch with you more, I devised.
Please love my guestbook~ It's on the right side and under the counter. You can see the icon that reads "Click here."


Can LOVE be an excuse for moral things?

Many people easily become dum when they fall in love. They lost in their value system and ration. Especially for women, I guess it seems that girls be more easily and fully blind for their external circumstance except things about their boy friends like Hera in Greek myth.

These are crazy happenings I have overlooked around me.

case 1> stealing a friend's boy friend
case 2> dating with current boy friend's best friend
case 3> dating several guys at the same time
case 4> can't break up though knowing every fault and flaw of a boy friend
case 5> ignoring friends because of love

Yea...I watched a movie called "Closer." The four main characters in the movie are connected to each other in love and sex. I do agree that love and first impression to sweetheart is important to an indivisual but I don't know love can be an excuse for moral things that happen in the movie such as having a secret love affair, swapping, or discredit. Can the affairs be called 'love'?


Holiday and other things

Lemoncloud, I have holidays too.
From this saturday to whole next week, 9 days! We have Korean New Year's Day according to the lunar calendar. This is the same as Chinese New Year's Day.
I wanna go somewhere during the holidays. A short trip is also good as well as a long trip. The time doesn't matter.

I am considering to live aprt from my family because it takes too much time to commute, about an hour and a half. From March, when the new semester starts, the terrible traffic jam will start again. Oh, no..! Then I could not have my own free time at night. :( Now...I am just thinking about living independently....I know it is not easy....thinking....thinking....