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No need to go out? Need to go out!

As communication and information technologies improve, many people have more than one technology to communicate with others. There are five in my family. Each has a pc or laptop computer and their own cell phone. This is not just about my family. Almost all my friends have cell phones that make internet available anywhere and anytime. We are always online on twitter or instant message services, so whenever I want and they are awake at least, I can talk to them.

But ironically I feel after I purchased the new cell phone, I can feel I am losing real human contact. Well... as a matter of fact, I go out less than before. I don't know exactly why but I am definately less active. I can list some probable reasons:
1) It is too cold in this winter. Actually it is the coldest winter I've ever had.
2) I am getting older than I was younger. (This sentence does not grammtically make sense but I bet you should know what I mean that I am still young but I am not too young likee early 20s.)
3) I don't need to go out to communicate with others.

The first two reasons seem reasonable but when it comes to considering the point when I started to turn less active, I can weigh more on the third reason: I don't need to go out to communicate with others.

Anyway... the reason why I am writing this is to make myself more motivated to go out!