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Baby Lion. Isn't it cute?
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Zoo Walk

I went walking in the zoo with my collegue.
We make children's books so I guess we have child's hearts. :) We was crazy over cute animals.
As well we talked, took photos, and watched Dolphin Show. Going to the zoo is not that huge thing, but it refreshed me up.
Tall buildings, nosisy cars, crowded peolple.... Thoes are all about cities where I live. There are not many open places in the cities. However once driving about 10 minutes from the cities, you can meet open and fresh places like the zoo. I am content with my humble life wiht a bit of happiness.

In this weekend, I want to watch the movie, "Before the Sun Sets" That's my plan. I was so impressed by "Before the Sun Rises" before that I have waited for the movie.

Do you see the tigers over there?
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I love the lovely yellow leaves.
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I love flowers. Today after having lunch, I walked around my company as usual. There was a flowershop, which has a lot of chrysanthemums. It's autunm, the season of blooming chrysanthemum. I bought a bunch of pink ones. It delighted me. It costed only 1000 won (This is about $1), but it is worthier than the price. With only 1000 won, I am happy to make much inner resource.


I am still alive!

Hey... I am still alive!
I have been fine, but I don't have something interesting to write down on this blog.
On this weeken, I am going to get my hair ironed. I hope it will refresh me alot.


Cat Woman

I saw this movie, "Cat Woman" last week. The picture above is the Korean version poster.
In short, the moive was funny. There are two reasons why the movie was funny.
1. Yea..actually I liked Halle Berry and the character of Michelle Pfeiffer's Cat Woman in Batman Returns. Halle was not cat but a lion. She does not look like a cat at all. She is too tall and glamorous to call a cat. In the movie, however, she was sexy and nice looking.

2. Cat Woman seems to be symbolized as a heroine of all women in the movie, but the ability and spirit is less heroic than the other man's characters such as Batman, Superman, or even Spiderman. I hope that the nice and cool women character who is not focused on her sexual attract only will appear in the movie someday.

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Something Absent

I feel empty. What do I head for?
I lost my laugh.