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New seat, new work, new students

From this March, the new school year begins. I am going to be a ninth graders' homeroom teacher. The half of them are my old homeroom students but they are growing so fast that they will be a lot different from what they were last year. My seat in the faculty office changes. I will be next to the head teacher. And my seat is open to the vice principal. That is not good.
Anyway... a new beginning is something. I am looking forward to energy and hope as well as dramas and hectic days.


Blogger Professor Batty said...

A lyric you might appreciate:

All the books I've never read
All the words and phrases
I've never said
Is life as good as it's going to get?

The music playing around my ears
I am trying to evaporate all my fears
It's not getting any good- until that clears.

Today is the one day I have left
In a whole new adventure and a whole new step
That I'm taking to another direction.

I wonder what it will be like
I am kind of excited, a little terrified
I'm standing at a new beginning...

The future may be looking bright
Look into myself for what is right
But time has never been on my side...

Things I may not understand
Are slightly getting out of hand
I don't know anything, anything at all...

Seems that I'm about to make
An overwhelming huge mistake
With everyone disagreeing...

But seeing things a positive way
Is making me feel like it's OK
So I'm gonna enjoy the day...

~ Jófriður Ákadóttir, New Beginning

11:53 p.m.  
Anonymous lemoncloud said...

Hi gal, seems like you are going towards what you set out to be! Congrats!!

6:34 p.m.  

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