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I came back + a good news

I couldn't come my blog because I was far from my home and office.
It was great trip and I had fun much!
I will post some intersting pictures as soon as I get the files from my friend.
Actually we don't like taking figure pictures, so we took picture of what we ate a lot cuz we ate many kinds of food. :) Maybe I got a few pounds.

As it was rainy, we did not go mountain, which was tantalizing. Though it rained, the open air spa was good.

Plus, a good new!
One of my friend, who works for Arab Emirate Airline as a flight attendant, is home on leave. (We were at universiry together. She is beatiful and charming. I am proudd of her.) Tomorrow we are supposed to meet. I am excited cuz I have not seen her for 6 months. I missed her a lot.

Thanks to my good fellows, nowadays I am almost always happy.


Blogger LemonCloud said...

Hey, you are back! I missed you. You seems to have fun! Welsome back! I look forwards to see the photos. I loves eating too! I have gained some weight recently :( but I find it hard to stop myself from eat.. Especially chocolate, yummy!

10:04 a.m.  

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