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Fashion Show Review

Andrew Kim Fashion Show@SNU

Two weeks ago, I went to Andre Kim's Fashion show at Seoul National University.
One of the most famous designer, Andre Kim made about 180 costumes for the event and over 15 models were involved. Among them, the actor and actress who got the most spotlight were Kim Tae hee and Kim Rae won. They starred in Korean soap opera, "Love story in Harvard."
Though I had not have any feeling about them, I thought they were wonderful. (Frankly speaking I do not see any korean soap opera well.)

Many people makes fun of Andre Kim as he has a different sexual identity and somewhat odd apperance. haha... However I was very touched by his passion and creativity. He is an artist.

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Anonymous HE said...

hi Hee,

In Malaysia the soap opera still aired and I guess most of malaysian watch it. By the way, I was promoting your blog to mine, I describe it as, a partime korean english teacher who teacher foreigner in Korea. Her blog is a daily life observation and experiance handling those people.

11:37 p.m.  
Blogger flowerful said...

hi. By the way..haha I am not a part time english teacher who teach foreigners. I am an editor who makes english leanrning materials. I am majoring in English Education as well. I am a working student and I want to be a teacher sometime in the future. Anyway thank your for introducing me on your blog. :)

9:34 a.m.  

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