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Mythological archetypes in me

I met my friend and her fiancé. They are not officially engaged yet but it is likely for them to marry. My friend J wore a sparkling ring on her left hand and I heard the fiance kneel asking for marrying him the day before yesterday.

From the first date to yesterday, it did not take much time, only 4 months! How quick!
My friend is such Hera in Greek myth that she places marriage on her first place. She is likely to fall in love quickly and undoubtedly and she really believes in love. She is cute.
Her fiancé is much older than her by 9 years. It was surprising to see how they were well balanced in spite of their age gap. The fiancé even seemed to seek maternal affection from my friend. (Surely girls' mental level is higher than boy's. Sorry, boys, hehe.)
Anyway. They looked great and I envied them. My friend was eager to seek Mr. Right for her and I think she succeeded. Hera wins! They offered me to sing or play the instrument for their wedding in December and I welcomed their offer. :)

Have you though of which mythological archetypes do you belong to? There are many gods and goddess in Greek myth. And we have many gods and goddess in ourselves as well.
I think I have some gods and goddesses in me such as Artemis, Aphrodite, Hermes and so on. Above all, I consider that I am Artemis for many parts. Artemis is totally different from Hera who is the goddess of marriage. Artemis deals with the moon and war. She has a scar from her first love and she doesn't want to marry. She considers sisterhood as an important thing. (I bet that she is not gay but a independent girl.)

There are advantages and disadvantages in a mythological archetype. Therefore Greek gods made many funny episodes, huh? Also I have advantages and disadvantages as Artemis. I have to endure the disadvantages of Artemis and I should try to find another traits that Hera has in me, not just envy Hera's happiness.


Anonymous LC said...

I think your friend is great, believing in love unconditionally.

Wish them a blissful marriage.

9:49 a.m.  

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