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Fall and my wish list

It's FALL here. I'd like to show you the blue sky here.
It's very awesome, covaltic blue!

If I had a digital camera, I would take and post the picture of the sky.
But now I have only a phone cam, which cannot bring you the vivid image.

It's FALL so I have to say good bye to my summer outfits such as t-shirts, sandals, shorts...
So I have to prepare new items for the new season!

My wishlist is going to be longer but now I have some things on it.

There are...

1. brown leather western styled boots.
2. a brown leather or blue swede shoulder bag
3. a flare skirt with red or green Scottish check
4. a black leather jacket with Chinese neck line

I've already bought a blue denim jacket.
My pocket hung but I like shopping! ho-ho-ho!


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