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The Tagging Continues...

The Tagging Continues...

1. Ten years ago
-- I was 16 years old for Korean age. (oops, don't count my current age.) I felt in a puppy love with someone. I was crushed on him much. But he like my best female friend, which was really miserable. But now I think the love I had 10 years ago is the purest ever.

2. Five years ago
-- I was in university. I decided to study Public Relationship and Advertising as my second major. I did my part time eagerly. (tutoring students with English) So I was mentally richer then than now.

3. One year ago
-- I was doing my work very hard, I guess. hahaha...now? I am playing at work like this!!!! I had handled a very big project for a year since my entering this company. Actually this company is my first work place.

4. Yesterday
-- An appointment at night was cancled so I did my laundry by myself.

5. Today
-- At work, I am doing this. I don't want to work today. Only TODAY? Hey, right...not only today..... haha

6. Tomorrow
-- Friday but I don't have any special plan yet.

7. Five snacks I enjoy
-- 새우깡(shrimp flavored chips), cheese cake(it has to be very rich!!!), mocha coffee, Welch's grape, nachoes with cheese

8. Five bands (or singers??) I know the lyrics of most of their songs
-- Lee moon se, Yoon jong shin, West Life, Park jung hyun, 015B. Actually I don't know singers well. Most of them are old now.

9. Five things I would do with $100,000,000
-- I will build a library for people to read comics and books, watch movies, and use interent.

10. Five locations I’d like to run away to
-- Greece, New zealand, Turkey, USA, and Japan

11. Five Bad Habits
--Biting nails, frowning because of my contant lenses, looking down on guys(oh, my!), fogetting to bring an umbrella, sometimes not talking about myself

12. Five things I like doing
-- Watching movies, blogging, talking,

13. Five T.V. shows I like
-- Sex and the City, Friends(I watched most of the episodes.), TV Show Real Article and Fine Article(TV쇼 진품명품), Inuyasha(japanese animation), Night News(really?)

14. Famous People I’d like to meet
-- Ryan Phillipe(movie star, I love him!!!!!!), Yoon dong joo (old Korean poet), Noam Chomsky, Jane Austine, Sarah Jessica Parker...It's hard to answer. Frankly I am not sure whether I wanna meet them or not!

15. Biggest joys at the moment
-- blogging and buying outfits and shoes

16. Favorite toys
- computer, barbie dolls (when I was young), legoes, paper dolls, comic books

17. Five people to tag
-- well...I guess I have less than five people who visit this blog. Lemoncloud and nomad can do this well. hehe


Anonymous LC said...

Oh my, the first tag I got from a blogger!!hahaha.. Well, it really does make other people know you better ;)

9:45 a.m.  
Blogger San Nakji said...

그렇게 어려운 것이 아녔지요!

11:26 a.m.  
Blogger flowerful said...

네네~ ^^

12:32 p.m.  

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