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Damn Menstrual colic!

The monthly little visitor came.
Because of it, I have menstrual colic. ( I didn't know this vocabulary, so I looked up the dictionary. There must be another idiomic expression, but I don't know.) It really hurts. I can hardly concentrate on my work now, so I am blogging. ^^;;
Almost always I am happy to be a woman. However once a month, because of the pain, I wanna be a man. -_-
Whenever the cycle is unstable, so the little visior doesn't come, I get worried about my health.
Thinking rationally, it must be a blessing God gave me, but it is really really anoying.


Blogger herb said...

it's also called PMS (post or pre-menstrual syndrome). and it's not not physical, but emotional and psychological as well. useful excuse too!

3:17 a.m.  

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