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One of my company's works is to make audio tapes and CDs for children. We have to record songs and chants. Therefore I went a recording studio twice in this week. To record children's songs, we invited four kids who can speak Enlgish as a their native language or who can use English as freely as native speakers. We had to pay to each about 100 dollars per a hour though they are only 10 years old. At first, when I heard the price, it is so expensive that I was surprised. (In this case, this Korean idiom can be applied; They earn as if they gather leaves with a rake. ) Anyway...So...I thought it can be a sort of privilege of them because unless they tried anything, they can earn about 300 dollars a day even when they are ten years old!
However after recording and watching them work in a small studio, my mind was changed. Even though they are kids, they were really professional performers. In some cases, they were better than adults when they came to work with us. They were so enthusiastic that I rather learned from them what is professional sprit.


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