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Stable but a little boring life

If some ask me, "Hi, what's up?", then I will say, "Everything is good."
Yea.. actually I am good. I love studying, working, and nowdays I lose some weight.
However because of doing on a diet, I rarely meet friends to stop eatting and drinking at night.
Everyday is the same. Nothing is chaging.
Hey, is there any fun stuff?


Blogger LemonCloud said...

Same with me too. I still meet up with friends but seldom because they are very busy.
I rented some Taiwanese idol drama and watched them during the weekend. The one I’m watching is “Love Contract”. I had only watched the first part but I like it very much. Alas, I have news that the ending is going to be very sorrowful. Anyway I’m going to watch the part two(ending) this weekend. Can’t wait for weekend to come.

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