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Routine Browsing

I do browse alsmost the same site everyday.
It is boring. Though I am online on msn or yahoo messenger, there is not much to talk with my friends.

Let me introduce some sites I am used to visiting. These are most Korean site.
If you have recommended sites, comment on this post so that I can visit the links later.

1. daum (It is the one of the biggest potal sites in Korea.)
To check and send emails, shop, and read some news.

2. cyworld (It is the site for blogging that has most bloggers in Korea. )
To operate my blog and take a look at my friends' blog
To post on my clubs

3. lotte.com (Lotte's shopping site. Lotte is the biggest department store chain in Korea.)
To shop actually
To screen shop (not buying but looking only)

4. bloggers.com(you know what)

5. stoo.com (Daily Sports Newpaper)
To read some sports news
To read gossips
To read comic strips

6. google.com (you know what)
To seach information for my work

7. Wordsmyth (English words learning site,which offers children's dictionary)
To look up some words

8. ksenglish.com (my company's official site)
To know readers attention on the bullet borad

9. yahoo usa
To check my email and read some English news


Blogger LemonCloud said...

Have you seen the recommended website on my blog? If you have not take a look. Take care k? Your school started right?(If I remembered right)
Try nit to overwork yourself.

9:38 a.m.  

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