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E-syndrome Makes Me a Fossil.

How many hours do you stare at computer screen a day?
I usually work with computers for 6 hours.
Today in the morning I could hardly open my eyes.
Oh god! sore sore eyes....-_-
I think the sore eyes due to my computer works.
Therefore today I even get to work wearing my glasses.

E-syndrome is getting pain as the result of long time computer work.
Stiff neck and shoulder, backahe ,and sore eyes are all symtons of e-syndrome.
We need some exercises from time to time during computer works.

After a long time of work while looking the computer screen, I feel like being a fossil.


Blogger LemonCloud said...

I look at the computer like 8 hours a day. Sometime after I get home (done with dinner & bath) I will plodded myself at the computer. Adding up, I’m at the computer for about 9 hours plus? But I don’t wear contact lens to work that lessen my eyes’ burden.

12:13 p.m.  

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