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Wisdom tooth and rafting

1. Wisdom teeth

I have FOUR wisdom tooth.
One of them is swollenm, EKKKK!

Some people say the less evolved, the more wisdom tooth have.

I seem to be less evolved.

This toothache usually lasts two days and is gone again. Then several weeks later, the pain come again. So when I decide to go a dentist's office, the pain is gone so I postpond the doctor's appointment. How stupid I am. This time is more painful than usual. I hate dental clinics, especially the sound of drills. Therefore I am postponding to go to see a dentist again for many reasons. Anyway...why is wisdom teeth called wisdom teeth?

2. rafting
I am going rafting two days later to Dong river(동강) under the name of 'workshop.' The The president my company was attracted with rafting last year so he wants to go rafting with his staff. These days I have been under much stress at work place due to the overwork, my laziness, and inefficiency or work. So I frequently have wanted strong wine, hahaha. Anyway I hope two days leave from the real work will make me feel better.

In conclusion, I will go rafting with my paintful wisdom tooth. This is very silly, isn't it?


Blogger San Nakji said...

They are called wisdom teeth... People used to think that when they grew you were becoming an adult and therefore becoming wise... Now, I like the Korean word much better!

9:43 a.m.  
Blogger LemonCloud said...

I'm scared of going to the dentist too.
Rafting sounds interesting. I want to try canoning but no one to go with :(

9:44 a.m.  
Blogger flowerful said...

Oh,,wisdom teeth! right!
Lemoncloud, Korean work for wisdom teeth is called "Love teeth[Sarang-nee]." Isn't it interesting?

5:16 p.m.  

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