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Holiday and other things

Lemoncloud, I have holidays too.
From this saturday to whole next week, 9 days! We have Korean New Year's Day according to the lunar calendar. This is the same as Chinese New Year's Day.
I wanna go somewhere during the holidays. A short trip is also good as well as a long trip. The time doesn't matter.

I am considering to live aprt from my family because it takes too much time to commute, about an hour and a half. From March, when the new semester starts, the terrible traffic jam will start again. Oh, no..! Then I could not have my own free time at night. :( Now...I am just thinking about living independently....I know it is not easy....thinking....thinking....


Blogger LemonCloud said...

My.. 9 whole day of holidays!! Flowerful, you are making me jealous. As a punishment, you must leave a space for me to bunk in with you if you are moving into a new place. I’m going to live in Korea to get all the holidays.. *packing suitcase*. Do you know Singapore never had such long holidays. Chinese New Year is our longest holidays that is 2 days *Crying buckets of tears*

Your journey time sure take long. Phew.. I won’t be able to take it if I was you. In my country you can reach any part within 2 hours (max) not counting the traffic jams and etc. You might want to discuss it with your family.. Like you said moving out is definitely not easy.

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