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My plan for a trip on this weekends!

I am going to Busan which is the secondly biggest city in Korea.
Busan has big international port and is famous for Busan International Festival.
From my home to there, it takes 6 hours to get by bus unless there are no traffic jam. (When traffic condition is horrible, it takes forever. ) Fortunately Thanks to KTX that is an express train like TGV in France, my friends and I can go Busan in two hours.
We will spend two days and one night in Busan, which is short, but I am exciting to get out of my office and see something new to me.
I will take many pictures and show you later. hehe..


Blogger LemonCloud said...

Sounds attractive to me. It is very hard to get my friends to go on a trip together due to busy schedule. And I think there is nothing much here for us. I’m sure you will have an enjoyable time. Look forwards to the photos.

4:33 p.m.  

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