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The Biggest Problem

Wonhee: What is the biggest problem? Why are we alone? We are cool, right? Guys have prblems, not us, I am sure.

Juhee: No... we have problems. It is not possible every guy has the same problem. The problem is in us.

WH: What do you think is the problem then?

JH: We don't know how to rely on guys and we don't need to do so. That is even worse.

WH: Right. I haven't tried to depend on guys. I want to hang out, have a good time, share good ideas, or impower each other like a good friends. It is called a soul mate? It is totally different from relying on somebody. I am just an indivisual. Not one of a pair.

JH: Yeah. Your idea does not work in a relationship. You have to be the one of a pair.

WH: Sometimes I don't know what I want in a relationship. Actually I am almost always happy with my family and friends. And I like my work and life.

JH: But sometimes you feel empty. Right?

WH: Yes... Happy but not enough. It's weird.

JH: What should you expect in a relationship?

WH: I dunno!


Blogger mjthegreat said...

I think you haven't find your Mr. Right or he hasn't yet found you... I think in a relationship both parties should commit to each other and accept each others differences. If one refuses to accept the shortcomings of the other partner i think it's not true love or what. I know alot of couple who are like those trust me! Just in case you find him, make sure that he'll love and accept the "WHOLE" you and not because of any other reasons. Take care!

1:37 a.m.  

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