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The first day at school

Today my student teaching started! (actually I did not teach but I only observed the schooling and took lessons from teachers. I think I will do teaching 1 week later.)
It was weird not to go to my office on Monday. Comparing the normal life on Mondays, there was no traffic jams and not much work today but I was terribly tired.
(even it was hard to eye contact to others. oh my poor eyes!)

I conclude the new circumstance made me more tired than ever. The physcial circumstance is not as tough as my normal life. Yea...mentally abnormal circumstance must have been the problem. I felt like being okay and comfortable but it turned out being wrong.

I am O type so I thought I like social life and I am good at making friends. However nowadays I got to know I am not that social. It's funny. I am tired being sociable.


Blogger LemonCloud said...

Some time, all you need is a break. And new things are sort of stressful at times.
But it will be well soon…

10:18 p.m.  

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