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My school has departments as most companies do. (Teachers in Korea do a lot of paper work concerning administration of school and out-of-classroom educational activities as well as teach their subject matters. ) My my department has five people. One of them is my supervisor teaching English. And the rest is a school librarian, Ethics teacher, a English-native speaker teacher who is from Canada, and me. Among them, Ethics teacher, who is junior to me by two years hangs out with me and other teachers of our age from time to time. We share a hobby: he likes drinking and I like drinking too.

I did not know why but unfortunately I did not feel comfortable with him last week because I could feel he was angry with me though we did not have any explicit trouble. So I decided to ask what was wrong with us by treating soju ( a kind of Korea liquor and it is powerful always...) . It turned out that he had been burdened with his work but I did not notice that and ask him whether he was okay with the work. And he seemed to think that he has much more work of our department than I do. It was quite understandable. Anyways it was good to solve the subtle conflict, which I consider it nothing now.

While having soju together, I could find he is very sensitive to other people's feelings. He told me when I looked uncomfortable, sick, crazy, and happy by glimpsing my face. (Well... I am listener type rahter than a talker, so some people sometimes tell me that I don't unveil myself easily. And usually we don't have much conversation at work. ) It was quite striking because his assumption was 100% correct.

I came across him today while going upstairs to my class and we had a talk for about 2 minutes. He asked me if I am sick today and said I looked pale. I was shocked again because my period began today. I decide to watch him. He is very interesting.


Blogger mjthegreat said...

I think he is a sweet guy... :) Not all guys are sensitive to what is happening around them or could easily know things about you.. As per in our culture, most guys practice the "being man" rather than being sensitive or the like... I think he's an observer too because he could actually tell how you look or feel... I hope you develop deeper friendship or more... :)

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