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Don't be strong

I happened to know I should not look strong and smart to marry in Korea when my friend and I were talking .
The friend really wants to marry in 1 year or so and she has been doing blind dates since last year. Recently she had 3 or 4 dates and while doing so, she came to know that guys tend to prefer girls who look mentally and socially fragile. That is they avoid girls who have strong tastes and social status.
The followings are reported by my friend.

1. Their faces turn stiff when girls say, "In my opinion," "I think..." "The politician is doing wrong..."
2. They do not welcome professional girls. Guys think the girls are beyond their capacity and they cannot control them because the girls make more money than they do.
3. The less girls talk, the more boys ask for the second date.



Blogger Basic said...

The problem is that some of us guys, even though I'm personally neither is korean nor living in Korea, really like strong and intelligent women.

So, by pretending to me something you're not, you'll attract the guys that don't really want you, and scare away the ones that do.

But I understand the problem. Not many women appreciate us nerd guys either. :)

9:38 p.m.  
Blogger flowerful said...

Haha... You like stong girls. And I like nerds. They are cute~

5:59 p.m.  

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