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Whenver I belong to some groups, more than a weirdo exists. (Is it grammatically correct? I am very sensitive with my grammar these days as I am teaching reading and grammar to students. )
Is it happening to you? For me, unfortunately, I always face many kinds of weirdos.
And most of them hate me because I am not generous to them.

In my school, especially in my department, the head of department is crazy. She is not mean and she is not evil but she is really horrible. I think she might have been educated in the very traditional strict Korean way. She tend to obey authority without any exception and she is a "dictator" as well though she does not seem to be at all. She does not listen to anyone carefully and makes mistakes not considering the all circumstances well.

She drives me a nut sometimes due to theses reasons. However, she makes me smile because she is too silly and I cannot understand her intention. Certainly, she is a character!


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