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The second post this year and news

It's the second post this year. What did I do so far this year?
Here is some news you might be intersted.

I left my previous job and started new kind of work: I am teaching students in a public high school.
This is new to me and I was not famillar with it but I am doing well so far, I guess.
Teaching was what is left for me to do and I decided to do it before I am too old to start a new kind of job. I know it is possible to begin a new sphere of job in 30s or 40s, which is but I don't start teaching so late.
The best thing is it takes only 15 minutes to commute. I walk to school everyday.
I loved my job in the publishing company and I am keep in tough with my collegues.
Actually, it's a challenge as there are many things to do to be a perfect good teacher.


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