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Woman movie lost.

I like watching movies. These days many good Korean movies are coming out. I am happy to have wider movie choices.
I cannot remember exactly when Korean movies got more popular than American movies in Korea. 1999? or 1998? Early Korean box-office movies were manly movies such as Chingu or romantic comedy like My Sassy Girl(is this title correct in English?). I also enjoyed the movies but it was pity that there was no woman movies. (I like many kinds of movies. Among all, I prefer the movies in which a woman get changed or empowered such as Reality Bites, Joyluck Club, Murielle’s Wedding, and so on.) I am not a feminist but a humanist. haha...
However as I am a woman, I wanted to see the movies that reflected my inner feelings. Some girl movies came out but it was not popular and a one-top actress did not appear. In movies, women tended to be so weak and troublesome that they interfere men's heroic life. Or there was movies in which a married woman are cheating, which was a trial to figure out woman psychology but it was not enough.
Finally "Chong-yoen" was released in December 2005. It was the best Korean woman movie ever. It was about first woman pilot in Korea and her life. I thought it portrayed woman's mentality very well and movie technology itself was great. However it did attract less viewers than the production had expected. On the other side, another movie, "King's Man" is very popular now. It is about a clown's life who manipulated King Yeon-san. The clown is a woman like man. He was loved by the king mentally and physically. I guess I can say it is homosexuality. The movie was interesting too. The plot was not that shocking but unique.I did not mean homosexuality movie is bad and woman movie should be preferred. What I want to say it's happy to see good woman movie and it's interesting to see a great woman movie defeated by new type relation movie in Korea. Koreans' sexually cultural barrier seems to be lowered.


Blogger San Nakji said...

1999 I think...

I will look for this movie. I think it will get here one day...

2:28 p.m.  
Anonymous carel said...

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4:32 p.m.  
Anonymous mj said...

at last!!! i am able to put a comment on ur blog... i think what u've wrote is true... women before are not given equal opportunity before but now i can see that women are striving to prove that they can do whatever men can do. WOMEN POWER!!! takecare...

6:01 p.m.  
Blogger flowerful said...

Take care! ^^

9:36 a.m.  

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