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My coworker, Julie has a dog named Roxy. I have a native speaker English teacher as a co-teacher. We teach students together. By the way, her dog is awesome. I am Roxy's godmother. She is my favorite dog. I had never been fond of a dog, but I am falling in love with her. (Oh, god. I have to be in an appropriat relationship. She is...HER! hehe)
Anyway...when I went walking to a park with Julie and her dog, Roxy, I found Roxy eat grass. I was curious why she ate grass and asked Julie. Julie answered Roxy sometimes eat grass when she is thirsty.

Now... QUIZ!

There is a proverb: You make a sound as a dog eats grass.

Can you guess what it is?


Blogger Kimchihead said...

Moo! (?)

What sound does a dog make when eating grass?

6:19 p.m.  
Blogger flowerful said...

Hi, Kimchihead.
It means "You're saying bull *hit."
I don't want to offend you but this is just what the saying means. :)

8:11 p.m.  
Blogger San Nakji said...

ha ha ;P

Actually I think dogs and cats eat grass to help with digestion.

5:37 a.m.  

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